5 Cosmetics You Can Purchase Under 1000 yen At A Drug Store


Written by Memmy

You may think Tokyo is one of most expensive city in the world, but hold on for a second.

At the biggest drugstore chain in Tokyo, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, it is possible to find a number of inexpensive cosmetics. As Japanese myself, I am proud to say the “Japanese quality” is excellent for the price. Also, they make good souvenir back home.

I want to introduce some cosmetics that I could purchase under 1000 yen.


Glow Fleur Cheeks from CANMAKE

  【800 yen】

“CANMAKE” is a popular and reasonable cosmetic brand originally from Japan.

I’ve been using their items since I started to learn how to put makeup on when I was only a teenager.

It was the only brand that I could’ve afford at the time with this much of satisfactory quality.




【1000 yen】

KATE is well-known for its brand’s motto “No More Rules”.

It’s been the one of the most popular makeup brand among sophisticated girls in Tokyo since 1997. This eyebrow powder is very functional that it is not only to shade your eyebrows but also to shade your nose bridge.



Shiseido INTEGRATE Girls Kiss Jelly

【800 yen】

This cute little lip gloss can do a lot more than how it looks.

It contains beauty essence to smooth your lips without any lip balms.

There are also 7 more color variation to choose from.



Fasio Perfect Wink Eyes

【1000 yen】

It contains two different colors so that you can easily create color gradation on your eyelid.

There are also 6 more color combo to choose from.  No matter how the weather is, your eye makeup will stay in place without creasing or smudging because it is waterproof.



Shiseido INTEGRATE GRACY Eyebrow pencil

Eyebrows have a biggest impact on the overall appearance of the face.

As Asian myself, I personally think it is easy to find a good eyebrow makeup product in Asia because of skin tone and hair color. And then If it was an inexpensive, that is ideal.


What I picked here above are only a small part of it.

You can find more gems if you look around at the drug stores. It is fun for any girls for cosmetic shopping.

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