The most important step for cleaning face is “remove our make-up”


You know the most important step before going to bed is “remove your make-up”
There are two reasonable and popular make-up removers, let’s compare two make-up removers in Japan.

Do you have experience your mascara is still on your eyes when you take a shower?


Biore perfect oil is famous for not becoming Panda eyes when you apply remover in a shower.

You don’t need to be afraid of panda eyes anymore, Biore perfect oil could be perfect for lifting make-up. People said Iit lifts mascara perfectly as soon as you apply the remover. However, sometimes it doesn’t lift my mascara perfectly…when I was taking a shower, It seems I should use with mascara remover. I like the apple-ish smell though.


Sometimes you can get some sample of face cleansing form. Very nice
You can find this at drug store, or big super market in Japan If you are out of Japan you can also buy from Amazon.


There is one more popular make-up remover.
It is also popular for make-up remover. And People says it cleans dead skin cells as well.
So people use this once a month for cleaning dead skin cells. This cleansing is very smooth and mild J And also it doesn’t make Panda eyes in bath. I would recommend this one as well.
Very reasonable!!! You can also buy in drug store, or supermarket. And also Amazon J

Let’s make our skin mochi mochii!!

Name: Biore Perfect oil 
Reference price:JPY 864

Name: Kose Softy Mo white Cleansing oil
Reference price:JPY 749

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