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Spring in Japan is the season of flower viewing (Hanami). Places all over Japan are covered with pink color, which is Sakura or cherry blossom. Sakura is a flower that symbolizes Japan and the Japanese go to Hanami for Sakura.

In Japanese, Sakura is written さくら(桜).

Deciduous tall tree of the rose family. In spring, it blooms thin-red beautiful flowers (such color is called sakura color), white and many more. Beside five-petaled sakura, there are also double-layer sakura, mountain sakura, Yoshino Sakura, weeping cherry, autumn-yellow sakura, and many more kinds. Sakura’s place of origin is the Himalayan region.

Sakura is one of the special flowers blooming in spring. In cherry blossom season, park with many sakura trees are filled with people. In popular Ueno Park, the location is crowded every year, so people make a line from the day before to enter the park. Many regions in Japan have their own famous sakura places. There are also many popular single sakura trees.

For the bloom time of Sakura, from Kanto and plain areas in its west, sakura blooms from the end of March to mid-April. April itself is the beginning of Japan's fiscal and school year. Since Sakura are planted in many schools in Japan, the flower also symbolizes the turning point of one’s life.

Now let’s learn the words in the sentence and use it when you come to Japan! 

(a) 桜が綺麗に咲きました

  •  Reading: Sakura ga kirei ni sakimasita.
  •  Meaning: Sakura bloomed beautifully

(b) 桜を見るために日本へ来ました

  • Reading: Sakura wo miru tame ni Nihon e kimasita.
  • Meaning: I went to Japan to see sakura


Thesaurus: These is another word related to Sakura:
★Ouka ranman no utsukushii kisetsu.「桜花らんまんの美しい時節」(Sakura ≒ Ouka ranman
Season with beautiful sakura flower


Do you understand the meaning? Use them when you come to Japan!

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