“Gohan” (ご飯) Fun! Japan Words vol.64



Today let’s learn one of the most important words in everyday life in Japan:  “Gohan” (ご飯).
Curious about the meaning? 

 “Gohan” (ご飯) has two main meanings in Japanese : First it means “rice” and then it means “meal” by extension.
“Go” of  “Gohan” (ご飯) is an honorific prefix which is almost always used.

The first meaning of  “Gohan” (ご飯) is rice, “cooked rice” to be more precise.
In restaurant or at home, people will ask you if want more or less  “Gohan” (ご飯), or if you want a refill “Okawari” of  “Gohan” (ご飯).

Since rice was the base of every meal in Japan, the word  “Gohan” (ご飯) is also used to speak about a meal in general.
You can ask a friend :
“Let’s go to eat together!”
“Isshoni gohan ikimasho!” 一緒にご飯行きましょう!

Also most of you might have thought about a famous manga and anime character when reading about  “Gohan” (ご飯)... Yes, it’s the name of one of the heroes of the manga and anime “Dragon Ball”! 

Please remember this word if you go to Japan!

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