In Japan, there are quite many get-together events that can occur with fellow colleagues, friends, or even new people that have agreed to go to a common blind date (gokon).

One of my favorite events is without doubt, the Takoyaki Party (たこ焼きパーティ)! 

Takoyaki Party is basically a meet-up where people hang out and make their own Takoyaki with a Takoyaki machine.


This meet-up is most common to take place in someone’s house, although it can be anywhere as long as there’s a kitchen and a place to eat the Takoyaki.

Takoyakis are Japanese octopus dumplings. Here is the recipe for preparing a quick takoyaki.


  • Cooking oil
  • Egg
  • Water
  • Cut green onion
  • Tako (Octopus)
  • Takoyaki Flour


-Katsuobushi (Small pieces of sliced dried bonito)


-Takoyaki Sauce
-(Cheese, sausage & other fillings or toppings you like)


-Measuring glass


-Wooden skewer


1. First, mix Takoyaki Floor and water gently with the ratio of 1:1.5 (100ml of Takoyaki Floor needs 150 ml of water)

2. Add an egg and finely chop green onions to the Takoyaki mix and mix it until a certain level of thickness (Not too runny and not too thick)


3. Brush the Takoyaki machine with enough cooking oil


4. Fill-up the round spaces of the Takoyaki machine with the Takoyaki mix fully. 

5. Add some fillings to the Takoyaki mix (Tako, cheese, sausage, Processed crab meat, etc.) and wait for roughly one minute.


6. Turn the cooked Takoyaki mix upside down with wooden skewers so that the uncooked Takoyaki mix that was above the cooked Takoyaki mix can be in the bottom.

7. With a delicate skill and enough experience, a perfect round Takoyaki can be made.

8. Add some toppings (Mayonaisse, Katsuobushi, Small pieces of seaweed) and the Takoyaki is ready to be served while hot.


Well, you can easily prepare some dipping sauce to go with the delicious Takoyaki. For this you can use the regular Okonomiyaki sauce and mix this with mayonnaise. You could also try American 'steak sauce' mixed with a bit of mayonnaise; oyster sauce; sweet chili sauce; barbeque sauce; even olive oil mixed with salt. Experiment!  
Once you are done enjoy this mouth-watering delicacy over beer or other snacks with friends.