Iya Kazurabashi Bridge where Legends of Monsters and Ghosts Live on

The Kazurabashi Bridge is a sightseeing spot which is located in Iya Valley, Tokushima Prefecture. It is also an important site which has been designated as a National Important Tangible Folk-cultural Property.

About Kzurabashi Bridge in Iya Village

Iya Kazurabashi Bridge where Legends of Monsters and Ghosts Live on

The Kazurabashi Bridge goes across the Iya River that flows through this mountainous region.The bridge is woven from vines that grow naturally in the area.Although the ropes of the bridge are made from plants, the bridge is heavy and weighs 6 tons!By the way, the bridge is approximately 14m above the surface of the water. It is a very primitive suspension bridge, but it should be as this bridge was first constructed approximately 800 years ago.

This land among deep mountains also features legends of monsters and ghosts, such as the Konaki-jijii (old man crying like a child). Some say that at first it was used for training at the riding grounds of the fugitive Heike Clan that lost the battle of Sanuki Shido. There is also the theory that vines were used so that the bridge could be cut down immediately if they were being chased, and these tragic tales of the Heike Clan serve to even further heighten the sense of mystery about the place.

Highlights of Iya Kazurabashi Bridge

Iya Kazurabashi Bridge where Legends of Monsters and Ghosts Live on

Crossing the bridge is thrilling because there are gaps that your feet can nearly fall through because the bridge is roughly woven, and the bridge rocks back and forth when you step down.

There is light show on every night from 19:00 to 21:30. Although it is not allowed to across the bridge, you can enjoy watching the illuminated bridge below the bridge. The view is very fantasy! The structure of the bridge is also attractive.The bridge is rebuilt every three years.It is surprising how frequently it is rebuilt.

Sightseeing Spots around Iya Kazurabashi Bridge

Not only is the story of the Heike Clan’s relationship with the bridge mysterious, because the area near the bridge was very remote and people did not interact much with outsiders, the unique architecture and villages featuring thatched houses that arose as a result is another interesting aspect of the region.

The Ochiai Village still has houses in places that were built in the middle of the Edo period.

In addition, places such as the Oboke Gorge and Koboke Gorge formed by the cataracts of the Yoshino River also make the region one full of mystique where the past lives on today.

The countryside of the Iya Valley really shows off the original traditional scenery of Japan.

Spot information

  • Spot name: Iya-no-Kazura Bashi (祖谷のかずら橋)
  • Street address: Zentoku 162-2, Nishi-Iyayamamura, Miyoshi City
  • Access: 
    • JR Awaikeda station →[Shikoku Kotsu Bus Iya Line] Zentoku bus stop… 2 minutes walk
    • JR Oboke station →[Miyoshi Municipal Bus Oboke Line] Kazurabashi bus stop…1 minute walk
  • Wi-Fi: Available
  • Ticket Purchase: At acceptance
  • Credit cards: Not accepted