[Special Issue: Shinkansen] The Yellow Shinkansen


Special Issue: Shinkansen

Hi, I am Maru-chan.

I love trains so much!!

Oh!? I’ve found a shinkansen at the station platform that looks just like any other, except it’s colored yellow instead of the usual white. It seems like there aren’t any passengers boarding it, so what could this shinkansen be…??


Doctor Yellow

This is a special shinkansen nicknamed the “Doctor Yellow,” whose function is to check the shinkansen tracks and flow of electricity. 

While running on the same tracks as normal shinkansen, it collects large amounts of data which serve as important maintenance information to ensure that the trains can operate safely. That’s why it’s also called the “shinkansen doctor.”


The “Doctor Yellow” only runs about once every 10 days, on an unreleased schedule. 
It’s always been very popular among my railway fan friends, and since it can only be encountered on rare occasions, it’s sometimes called a “shinkansen of legend,” and even said to possibly bring good luck to those who see it! 


Try to catch a glimpse of this special train if you come to Japan too!!
With cooperation from: Central Japan Railway Company.


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