Special Issue: Shinkansen

Hi, I’m Maru-chan.  I am crazy about trains!

Wait, what’s this? 

My beloved Shinkansen are lined up in rows… there are so many models, and there’s not a train station platform in sight – where am I?

This is in fact, a Shinkansen Base for JR Western Japan, the company that manages the western Japan railways.  

At the base, they conduct regular maintenance, including cleaning of the trains.  

The Shinkansen span over 100 meters across several train cars, so the property is immense!

Shinkansen are lined up in rows


All these Shinkansen in one place – all these different models… I’m so excited!! 
This one below just finished it’s run and is coming back to the home base for some maintenance work.


And this one just finished its inspection and is coming back from the hanger.


Shinkansen that finish inspections go right back to work, welcoming many passengers covering large distances at incredible speeds! Since it’s freshly washed, you can see the reflection of the sun – it’s squeaky clean!


How often do you think they get inspected? Once in 3 years? Once in 2 years? Or because Shinkansen have not had any accidents for 50 years, do you think they get inspected annually?
It’s actually…!!! You would never guess how often these Shinkansen get checked out!  I was shocked!
I’ll report it in my next article ;)