The number of people who are not used to cold air from a air conditioning units is surprisingly larger than you might imagine. Electric fans are more suitable and popular among these people. Within them, there is a high-class electrical fan, which has recently become very popular in Japan. This fan is equipped with a DC motor which can generate a natural and pleasant wind. One of the representative items is "GREEN FAN" which is produced by thee Japanese home appliance start-up company, "BALMUDA." Let us introduce you to this product!

Wind that is generated by a double fans’ mechanism


The most characteristic feature of The GreenFan is the double feathers’ structure. These two feathers are able to generate both fast and slow wind flows and combine them into one stream. Different to wind generated by normal electrical fans, this fan is able to generate a gentle and natural wind over a large surface. You will fully understand the feature of this product if you tried this electrical fan out. There is no uncomfortable feeling of the wind from this fan. Instead, you will feel like you're being bathed in the natural wind on top of a tall hill.

It is comfortable because the wind spreads widely


The difference is very obvious if you compared the wind of a normal fan and the wind generated by The GreenFan. This picture above is created by using smoke to visualize the wind of the fan. The wind generated by a normal fan is rectilinear, focused and strong. On the other hand, the internal and external flow generated by The GreenFan will gather and collide, and then blow out widely when it reaches you. Therefore, the wind generated by The GreenFan is wider, gentle and pleasant.

It comes with a battery for better mobility


Besides the function to generate a comfortable and pleasant wind, The GreenFan is also equipped with a DC motor which can control the rotation speed of the fan precisely. Hence, the power consumption is low, and is able to work quietly. Since this fan can also use a battery, you can use the fan anywhere even without a power plug. You can use not only indoors, but also outdoors conveniently.

Product Overview

  •  Product name:「The GreenFan」
  • Price: 36,000 yen
  • Size: W330 × D320 × H497 / 871 mm
  • Weight: approximately 4.1 kg
  • Power supply: AC 100V
  • Power consumption: 1.5 W to 20 W (when the battery is not being charged)
  •  Photos & article credit : Takahiro Koyama