"You.en" cross-border e-commerce site unveiled: conveying the charm of Japanese products through short videos!

On February 8, 2024, a new service called "You.en (pronounced as Yuu-en)" will be launched by "FUN! JAPAN". This is the cross-border e-commerce site which targeting working women in Asia.

Utilizing the increasingly popular "short video" format as a means of information gathering, the site aims to propose usage scenarios and create easily visualizable product images. The site also tackles common online shopping concerns, such as the inability to physically handle and see products, by conveying textures and sizes through visual content.

"You.en" offers a wide range of high-quality made-in-Japan products, featuring traditional crafts and techniques, such as wallets, bags, accessories, skin care, and miscellaneous goods. The site selectively curates these items from all over Japan. Additionally, the consideration of pop-up shops and local events for members is being explored in the target countries (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore).

With a policy of approaching consumers both online and offline, "You.en" aims to introduce and provide high-quality Japanese products. In the future, the site plans to gradually expand operations with a focus on Asia.

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What does ”You.en” means?

The name "You.en" is a combination of the Japanese term "優 (You)" (pronounced the same as "you" in English), derived from the word "優艶 (You-en)" which means beautiful, and "縁 (en)," representing the connection between people and things.

With the concept of "Discover a new me," this site aims to connect "縁 (en)" the unique Japanese products to "You" who work hard every day in professional and private live. By this connection, "You" will find the chance to meet the new version of yourself.


Working Asian women in their 30s to 50s

Upcoming Products

The site plans to offer products that users frequently engage with in their daily lives. 

Accessories: Necklaces, earrings, etc.

Fashion Accessories: Wallets, bags, watches, etc.

Beauty & Health: Basic skin care, body care, hair care, etc.

Miscellaneous goods: Glasses, cups, household goods, etc.

You.en SNS Links

The site plan to regularly share updates on various social media platforms after launching. Please follow Instagram and Facebook below to stay tuned and receive the latest information!


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