The 2024 edition of the Hobonichi Techo is now on sale. From the lineup unveiled at the press conference, we will introduce our recommended planners. We will also introduce the types and features of the Hobonichi Techo, such as the weekly, monthly, and one-page-per-day A5 size 'Cousin' type.

*All planner cover prices are for the "set with the main body"

What is Hobonichi Techo? Sold in over 100 countries and regions around the world

Launched in October 2001. It is named the Hobonichi Techo because it is sold by the website "Hobonichi Itoi Shimbun", abbreviated as "Hobonichi", which is run by Shigesato Itoi, a famous copywriter in Japan.

Its feature is that it opens 180 degrees and is easy to write in. It has gained popularity as a planner where you can freely record ideas and diaries, and the 2023 edition achieved 820,000 copies in over 100 countries and regions around the world. In September 2023, it surpassed a total of 10 million copies.

Planner covers that are released every year in collaboration with artists and brands are also popular.

Introducing the types of Hobonichi Techo! Weekly, monthly, Cousin, etc. with a rich variety

OriginalOne page per day type. It is a paperback size of A6, and you use it by combining the planner body and the cover.
One page per day type. It is twice the size of the 'Original', A5 size, and you can write plenty without worrying about space.
One page per day type. A new type of planner where the planner body and cover are integrated. Available in A6 and A5 sizes.
One page per day type. A planner with English notation, introducing Japanese and foreign cultures in the bonus pages at the end. Only available in A6 size.
Weekly planner type. Emphasizes portability, and its thickness and size are the same as a typical long wallet. It's a weekly left-type planner.
Monthly notebook planner type. A planner that combines a monthly calendar and a grid notebook. Available in A6 and A5 sizes.
Hobonichi 5-year Techo
A planner that compiles five years' worth of records in one book. Available in A6 and A5 sizes.

Which is the recommended one in the Hobonichi Planner 2024 lineup?

ONE PIECE magazine series

In collaboration with the manga "ONE PIECE", which has been highly acclaimed for its live-action adaptation, we are offering 7 types of planner covers and 3 types of planner bodies.

Left "Straw Hat Luffy YELLOW" (from 6,270 yen), Right "Straw Hat Luffy PURPLE" (from 8,470 yen)

The cover illustrations of the notebook covers are all drawn by the author, Eiichiro Oda. The pockets, buttons, and even the inside of the notebook are adorned with ONE PIECE character illustrations, which should make you feel happy just by using them.

Along with this Hobonichi Techo, the ONE PIECE magazine stationery series is also on sale. Customize with a mat and stamps to create your own original notebook.

MOTHER 2 Series

The annual planner series that expresses the world view of "MOTHER", a game designed by Shigesato Itoi. For 2024, new items such as the A6 size planner body "BEGINNINGS" (2,970 yen), which is based on the motif of a Famicom cassette, and the planner cover "Poeeen." (7,040 yen ~) printed with the character "Dosei-san" appearing in the game have been introduced.

Among them, the notebook cover "Attention!" (from 5,280 yen) is particularly noteworthy. It features a high-impact design scattered with typography from the game. In addition, it's nice that the MOTHER series notebooks come with bonus stickers. Not only for the notebook, but also try to appeal by sticking them on your smartphone or computer.

Tomitaro Makino Series

The late Dr. Tomitaro Makino, a botanist who has been re-highlighted in Japan as the model for the drama "Ranman" starring Ryunosuke Kamiki. A series of notebooks featuring the plant illustrations drawn by the doctor has been released again in 2023.

In 2024, new releases include the "Yamazakura" (from 2,970 yen) and "Shihai Sumire" (2,970 yen) notebook bodies, and the "Koushinso" (from 5,390 yen) cousin notebook cover. The plant illustrations drawn with precise lines are all so beautiful that you'll want to display them.

minä perhonen series

This is a series collaborated with the Japanese fashion brand "Mina Perhonen". We are launching many new patterns in 2024.

In 2024, there are patterns like "anone-anone" (top left, from 9,570 yen) that looks like cats gathering and chatting, "symphony" (top right, from 15,070 yen) where plants and animals become crystal motifs, and "light berry" (bottom right, from 10,670 yen) scattered with red berries, etc. You will be captivated by the warm designs unique to Mina Perhonen, who creates fabrics with various techniques such as embroidery, dyeing, and weaving.

Back to the Future Series

Inspired by the movie "Back to the Future," which has been loved by many fans since its release in 1985. The 80's style notebook cover is fun just to look at. Items from the movie, such as the "Time Machine (Blueprint)" (4,400 yen) drawn by Doc and the floating skateboard "Hoverboard" (2,970 yen), are used as motifs. Sold exclusively at the Japanese lifestyle goods store "Loft".

Taro Okamoto's "Tower of the Sun" Series

Left "Golden Face" (6,820 yen~), Right "Three Faces" (2,970 yen)

The "Tower of the Sun", created for the Japan World Exposition held in Osaka in 1970. A new notebook cover and notebook body featuring the motif of the "Golden Face" shining at the top of the monument have been introduced. The sparkling cover has a strong presence. The "TARO" sign in the lower right is also a subtle point.

PORTER (Yoshida Bag) Series

Left "Stroll (Moss Gray)" (from 22,660 yen), Right "Stroll (Navy)" (from 19,470 yen)

"PORTER", representing the Japanese bag maker Yoshida Bag. A diary series that makes the most of this brand's appeal will make its first appearance in 2024.

The biggest attraction is that it has both a handle and a shoulder strap, allowing you to carry your planner like a bag. There are pockets on the front and back of the bag where you can put your smartphone, so it can also serve as a substitute for a smartphone pouch.

Where can I buy the Hobonichi Planner? Places where it is available

The Hobonichi Planner is sold in stores in Japan, online stores for Japan, and online stores for overseas.

Where to buy the Hobonichi Planner in Japan?

We recommend the Hobonichi directly managed stores "TOBICHI Tokyo" and "TOBICHI Kyoto". As a special benefit of the directly managed stores, gifts such as ballpoint pens are given to those who purchase the planner. If you can't go to the directly managed store, you can also purchase it at "Loft" or "Maruzen Junkudo Bookstore" nationwide.


  •  Address: 1F Hobonichi Kanda Building, 3-18 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  •  Business hours: 11:00~19:00
  •  Closed: Irregular


  •  Address: 5th Floor, Kotobuki Building, 251-2 Ichinocho, Shijo Sagaru, Kawaramachi Dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  •  Business hours: 11:00~18:00
  •  Closed: Thursday

※Operating hours and regular holidays may change depending on the event

Where to buy Hobonichi Techo outside of Japan?

You can purchase it from an online store for overseas. Please check each site to see if your location is available for delivery.