Vote on FUN! JAPAN's New Logo Now!【Until Monday, January 15, 2024】

In 2024, FUN! JAPAN has planned to undergo a website overhaul. Along with this, we are considering refreshing our current logo. We would like to hear your opinions on which of the four proposals is the best. Let's decide on the new logo for FUN! JAPAN together!

FUN! JAPAN's New Logo Proposals

1. Packed with "When you think of Japan"

We place importance on being able to evoke Japan at a glance. We have combined the sun depicted on the Japanese flag, the famous Mt. Fuji, and the unique art of origami (crane) to create our symbol mark.

2. Delivering articles that resonate with you, right from Japan

This symbol mark is a design that combines Mount Fuji and the sun, which symbolize Japan, with a target for shooting. The shape that overlaps the peak of Mount Fuji in the center of the target represents our desire to "publish articles from Japan that hit the heart".

3. Reliable Media

The initials "F" and "J" of FUN! JAPAN are designed in the shape of a seal stamp (inkan) and used as a symbol mark. It is an image of a seal stamp, which is a formal sign in Japan, and it conveys trustworthiness and formality.

4. Connections are Treasures

We have combined one of the Japanese patterns, "Shippo pattern", and a flower native to Japan, "Camellia" (Tsubaki), to create a symbol mark. The Shippo pattern has meanings such as "chain of connections" and "connections have the same value as seven treasures", which represents our media that bridges Japan and the world.

Voting Deadline

Ends on January 15, 2024 (Monday) at 23:59 (Japan Standard Time)

How to Respond

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Contact for inquiry and questions

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  • Multiple voting is not allowed, so we ask for one vote per person.
  • All images posted are strictly prohibited from being reused or reproduced.
  • The design of the logo may be slightly changed in the final adjustment.
  • The content of the survey responses will only be used for considering the logo for the site renewal and will not be used for any other purpose.


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