Tried the Japanese Cup Ramen, Freedom Ramen, that can be eaten by Halal & Vegetarians!

Are you looking for Japanese cup ramen during your trip to Japan? Many people may not be able to eat cup ramen made in Japan due to reasons such as religion, ideology, and allergies. In response to this, the 100% plant-based & NO MEAT "Freedom Ramen" has been launched and is currently on sale in Japan.

The FUN! JAPAN editorial team have tried this ramen and will report our impressions on the products!

What is Freedom Ramen, a cup noodle that is 100% plant-based & NO MEAT?

Freedom Ramen

The cup ramen "Freedom Ramen" is manufactured by GRIT CAPITAL PTE, where a Japanese person serves as the CEO. It has received Halal certification and has also won the "Good Design Award", a prestigious design award in Japan.

Whether you have dietary restrictions or not, and even if you can't read Japanese, the design conveys the "hospitality" of being able to understand the necessary food ingredients at a glance. The fact that it is Halal certified, 100% plant-based, and NO MEAT can also be recognized just by looking at the package.

Types of Freedom Ramen flavors

Freedom Ramen currently offers three types of flavors: "Seafood", "Japanese Curry", and "Spicy Miso". The characteristic of these flavors is that they are familiar to Japanese people. Moreover, in Singapore, where various food cultures mix, they have researched and decided on flavors that cater to the tastes of non-Japanese people as well.

Freedom Ramen Seafood flavor

Freedom Ramen Seafood Flavor
Freedom Ramen Seafood Flavor

First, we tried the seafood flavor! The soup has a gentle taste, and the flavor of the plump shrimp, a bounty of the sea, spreads in your mouth. It might be a bit disappointing for vegetarians because it contains shrimp, but I think it's a preferred taste for Muslims. I think it's a good product for yourself during travel or as a souvenir.

Freedom Ramen Seafood

  • Content: 70g
  • Country of origin: Singapore

Freedom Ramen Japanese Curry flavor

Freedom Ramen Japanese Curry Flavor
Freedom Ramen Japanese Curry Flavor

Next, we will share our impressions of the Japanese Curry flavor. The indispensable curry spice, "turmeric", is fresh. The gentle taste of curry spreads throughout your mouth. The combination of curry soup and noodles is very delicious. It might be a good idea to be careful not to spill it on white or conspicuous colored clothes. Once the color of turmeric gets on your clothes, it might be hard to remove...

Details of Freedom Ramen Japanese Curry flavor:

  • Content: 70g
  • Country of origin: Singapore

Freedom Ramen Spicy Miso flavor

Freedom Ramen Spicy Miso flavor
Freedom Ramen Spicy Miso flavor

Finally, thoughts on the Spicy Miso flavor. This is a cup ramen that people who like spicy food will be pleased with. It says "Spicy Miso" on it, but the actual taste is a mild miso flavor, with a soup that has a perfect level of spiciness. The sweet corn kernels intertwine with the spicy flavor, making it so delicious that you'll get addicted! This is truly, quintessentially, Japanese cup ramen.

Details of Freedom Ramen Spicy Miso flavor:

  • Content: 70g
  • Country of origin: Singapore

Where to buy Freedom ramen

If you want to purchase Freedom Ramen while visiting Japan or online, try ordering directly from the following facilities or visit them.


  • Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel - Tokyo
  • Hyatt Place Kyoto
  • Hotel Anteroom Naha - Okinawa
  • Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention - Hokkaido
  • The Millennials Shibuya, Kyoto, Fukuoka
  • Hotel Kazusaya
  • Nishiizu Koyoi- Shizuoka
  • Hakone-Yumoto Hot Springs Hotel Kajikaso - Hakone, etc.

Local Government

  • Toyota City

Drug Store

  • Satu dora Sapporo Drug Store




  • International Christian University - Tokyo


  • Tokyo Camii & Diyanet Turkish Culture Center- Tokyo

Convenience Store

  • Lawson GINZA SIX Store
  • Lawson Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Store
  • Lawson Haneda Airport Garden Store
  • Lawson Tokyo Dome Store

Online Store: