【Fall & Winter 2023】Survey of 134 active hairdressers on Japanese women's "trending hair colors" and "trending hairstyles"!

【Fall & Winter 2023】Survey of 134 active hairdressers on Japanese women's trending hair colors and trending hairstyles!

What are Japan's "trending hair colors" and "trending hairstyles" in the fall and winter of 2023? The salon staff direct reservation app "minimo" conducted a survey of 134 active hairdressers working in the city center regarding trends for fall & winter 2023. The results are revealed to the public!

2023 Fall & Winter Trending Hair Color Ranking TOP3

No. 1: Red-tone color

Red-tone color

Among the reddish colors, "Bordeaux" was particularly popular. In addition, chic red colors such as "wine red" and "cherry red" were also coming close in popularity.

Hairdressers' reasons

  • Red has been trending lately, so I thought this would be a more calming fall color.
  • There are a lot of people with reddish hair colors who are also Korean idols, and even if the base color isn't that bright, it's possible to make your hair red, and even if it's not too flashy, it gives off a sense of color.
  • After all, glossy and muted colors look beautiful in fall and winter.

No. 2: Brown-tone color

Brown-tone color

As for the popular brown-tone color, "Chocolate Brown" received a lot of votes.

Other soft matte colors such as "matte brown" and "ash brown" were also coming close in popularity.

Hairdressers' reasons

  • I think natural thinking will become more prevalent. I think brown hair color, which looks healthier than high-toned, damaged hair, will become mainstream.
  • I think it would be good to make it brighter in the summer, and go for a chocolate-based color that has a glossy feel in the fall and winter.
  • Redness tends to be popular every year, and people tend to get tired of high tones in the summer and prefer calm colors without bleaching and colors that make it easy to shine.

No. 3: Pink-tone color

Pink-tone color

In particular, the most popular pink-tone colors were “pink brown” and “cassis pink,” which were deep and elegant pinks.

Hairdressers' reasons

  • Pink is also popular in spring, and more people will tone down in autumn and winter.
  • Milk tea is the mainstream, but pink and soft colors are popular.
  • Orders for deep pinks are steadily increasing from early fall to winter.

Three fall & winter color trends for 2023

We analyzed trends in hair color from the responses of 134 active hairdressers.

1. Look sophisticated with the trendy color "red"

In the fall & winter of 2023-24, energetic "red" will be trending in the fashion industry. Red, which can either be the main color or as accent of an outfit, is attracting attention not only in fashion but also in hair color.

Deep red is a particularly trending hair color, and it seems to have already become popular on social media. Red colors are easy to apply, and are easy to express even if you are new to hair coloring or without bleaching your hair.

"Wine red" and "Bordeaux", which have a strong presence and add a sense of luster, received many responses from current hairdressers.

2. Take advantage of residual summer color

"Color residue" tends to occur when you repeatedly dye your hair using dark or deep colors. If you try to remove the residue with bleach, the burden on your hair will increase, so it is recommended to take advantage of the residue.

If the residue is noticeable on the tips of your hair, you can use it as a design by sublimating it into a gradation color.

To make the most of residual hair, it is important to color your hair in a planned manner, so please consult with your hairdresser.

3. Make classic fall colors look like this year's trend

Warm colors based on beige and brown were popular in spring and summer, but beige combined with olive and khaki seems to be attracting attention in autumn and winter. We have a feeling that the popularity of hair colors that eliminate the red tinge, which gives a classy look, will be revived!

On the other hand, deep natural colors that are classic in autumn and winter make it possible to tone down while taking care of hair damage accumulated in spring and summer. Colors that look glossy are popular, and you can update it like this year by combining orange and pink that add a complexion to brown.

2023 Fall & Winter Trending Hairstyle Ranking TOP3

No. 1: Layered style

Layered style

A layered style that adds steps to your hair can add a sense of looseness. Reasons for its popularity include "you can change the atmosphere by adding and subtracting layers" and "a style that is cohesive yet loose is popular".

Hairdressers' reasons

  • Perms are becoming popular, so this is a style that goes well with it.
  • It's wide-ranging because you can change it to look natural or unique by adjusting the layers, and for those who want to change it up a little more than usual, there are a variety of layered styles, such as just the face area, a Korean style, and a slender style, so it's easy to suggest.
  • For fall and winter, it's best to go for a heavy style that is cohesive but has a loose feel.

No. 2: Layered around the face

Layered around the face

A hairstyle with layers around the face can easily create a trendy look. Reasons why it is supported include “easy to show individuality” and “lightness is modern”. Even if you don't change the length of your hair, you can change it just by adding layers around your face.

Hairdressers' reasons

  • Not too flashy but unique
  • Even in the calm autumn/winter season, this slightly light style is modern.
  • I think the one-length style for hair with heaviness trend is going to continue, so it's easy to express your individuality through clothing and hair color, and it's easy to blend into your lifestyle.

No. 3: Mullet style

Mullet style

A mullet style with plenty of layers around the face can be expected to make your face look smaller. Recently, natural styles such as mullet only around the face are also popular. It seems that the reason why it is supported is that you can enjoy various arrangements depending on how you put layers and hair color.

Hairdressers' reasons

  • Because the Heisei-era boom is coming again
  • Many people don't want to overlap the hairstyle with people arround them, so a natural cut such as a mullet around the face will blend in well and make it easier to try.
  • This is because it is attracting attention from a wide range of people as a fashionable hairstyle because it can be arranged quite a lot depending on the shape of the face and hair color.

Three fall & winter hairstyle trends for 2023

We analyzed trends in hairstyle from the responses of 134 active hairdressers.

1. The most important point is "around the face"

The main focus of the 2023 fall/winter hairstyle trends is around the face. By adding layers around your face to create movement, you can instantly create a gorgeous look. Heavy full bangs and wide bangs are popular.

If you make the bangs heavy, but the area around the face is lighter and looser, it will instantly look more modern.

2. Layered style is coming in hot

If you want to incorporate trends in fall & winter 2023, layered styles are recommended.

The appeal of layered styles is that the impression changes dramatically depending on where you put the layers.

You can enjoy a variety of styles, such as high layers for a light finish, or low layers that leave some weight for an elegant look. Another great feature is that you can easily set it by just curling the ends of your hair.

3. Korean trends continue to be popular

In fall & winter 2023, the Korean hair trend will continue.

Elegant and mature hairstyles such as Korean-style curly hair and layered cuts are popular.

In a survey of current hairdressers, some said, "I think Korean style will continue to be popular", so we can't ignore this trend in the future. You can change your look without changing the length of your hair by adding layers or creating a curl.

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