【Guide to Convenience Stores in Japan & Products】A thorough guide to the latest popular product and best services of FamilyMart!

Convenience Stores in Japan: FamiliyMart

There is no doubt that convenience stores in Japan are useful and always offer a great help during your trip.

This time, we will introduce the local menus and services that you can enjoy during your Japan trip at FamilyMart, a convenience store brand that originated in Japan! Be sure to check out its classic famichiki, sweets, and daily necessities that have become a hot topic recently.
* All listed products include tax, and product information and prices are as of the time of the on-site coverage (May 2023).

Overview of Japanese convenience store FamilyMart (commonly known as Famima)

Convenience Stores in Japan: FamiliyMart

FamilyMart (commonly known as Famima) is Japan's second largest convenience store chain and is known for its logo made up of three colors: blue, green and white. In terms of company scale, it is one of the top three convenience store chains in Japan, and is the only company founded in Japan among them. Founded in 1981, it is a chain with approximately 16,500 stores nationwide as of 2023.

Currently, there are stores not only in Japan but also more than 8,000 stores overseas, adding up to a total of more than 24,500 stores worldwide. Original products such as Famichiki (named from Family Chicken) are very popular. More than 800 types of food, beverages, and daily necessities are available under the private brand Famimaru.

If you stop by FamilyMart in Japan, these Famima's Popular Gourmet & Sweets are must-buy!


Convenience stores in Japan will surely make you want to stop by while sightseeing or when you're feeling a bit hungry. In this section, we will introduce FamilyMart's top-selling and recommended products! Why not try them during your next trip?

FamilyMart Popular Products: Famichiki and Yakitori

Famichiki (boneless) 220 yen
Famichiki (boneless) 220 yen

Speaking of FamilyMart's No.1 popular product, it has to be the original boneless fried chicken "Famichiki". The crunchy batter and soft, juicy chicken has been a staple in the hot snack corner next to the cash register for over 15 years!

Grilled Chicken thigh (sauce) 128 yen
Grilled Chicken thigh (sauce) 128 yen

The charcoal-grilled Yakitori (炭火焼きとり / Sumibi Yakitori), which is unique to Japan, is also our favourite. FamilyMart uses fresh chicken thighs and adopts a special cooking technique that uses charcoal grilling from raw meat as of that used in Yakitori specialty stores. In addition, the sauce is made from 4 types of soy sauce, and is thoroughly particular about umami.

FamilyMart Popular Products: Frappe from FAMIMA CAFÉ

Afternoon Tea Royal Milk Tea Frappe 350 yen
Afternoon Tea Royal Milk Tea Frappe 350 yen

FamilyMart sells coffee, cafe latte, frappe, etc. at "FAMIMA CAFÉ".

Apart from that standard mocha blended coffee, the cold “Frappe” is also highly recommended for summertime. These drinks come as the store's original frozen drinks - simply take out your favorite frappe from the freezer case, pay for it, and make it yourself.

Just place the purchased cup under the milk dispenser of the coffee machine, press the "Frappe" button and pour the milk. There are various flavors and limited time products, but this summer's recommendation is "Afternoon Tea Royal Milk Tea Frappe". It contains black tea-flavored cookies, and the refined sweetness and cookie texture make it an addictive cup!

FamilyMart Popular Products: Breads from FAMIMA BAKERY


One of the attractions of FamilyMart is that you can easily buy delicious breads with a wide variety of products.

"FAMIMA BAKERY" sells sweet breads and side dish breads that incorporate bakery shop quality ingredients and manufacturing methods, and are perfect for breakfast as well as snacks!

Famima The Melonpan 128 yen
Famima The Melonpan 128 yen *Some specifications and selling prices are different in Okinawa.

The melonpan (bread which looks like melon) features a crispy biscuit dough made with fermented butter from Normandy, France, and a fluffy panettone bread dough.

Meanwhile, yakisoba in the Nama Koppepan (Yakisoba) is a medium-thick noodle that is characterized by a chewy texture that is well entwined with sauce and fried in a fragrant sauce. You can enjoy a rich taste by entwining it with a sauce that makes you feel the taste of vegetables, fruits, and meat, and topping it with mayonnaise.

生コッペパン(焼きそば) 168円

Nama Koppepan (Yakisoba) 168 yen *Prices differ in Miyazaki Prefecture and Kagoshima Prefecture.
*Specifications differ in Hokkaido and Kyushu regions. Not available in Okinawa Prefecture.

FamilyMart Popular Products: Sweets and Cup Desserts

(Left) Pudding 178 yen, (Right) Double Cream Puff 178 yen

Even after eating a lot of delicious Japanese food, some may still want to eat other things with your spare stomach for sweets. In fact, Japanese convenience stores are a treasure trove of delicious sweets. You can eat authentic sweets for less than 200 yen, such as "Pudding" and "Double Cream Puff". When you are in Japan, try them when you has the chance!

An apparel brand launched by FamilyMart!? Don't miss stylish miscellaneous goods and daily necessities!


The daily necessities corner at a convenience store is your best friend when traveling. FamilyMart, in particular, has become a hot topic for selling fashionable and high-quality daily necessities.

At the top of the list is the brand "Convenience Wear", which has teamed up with FACETASM's designer Hiromichi Ochiai with the concept of "good materials, good technology, good design". In the past, convenience store clothing was only products that responded to "emergency demand", but Convenience Wear has developed line socks and outer T-shirts that are particular about design and fabric quality. Socks have now sold over 10 million pairs.

Line socks 429 yen and children's socks 858 yen
Line socks 429 yen (left) and children's socks 858 yen (right) have matching colors and patterns, so you can enjoy coordinating them with your child!

Among convenience stores, there are many skin care and cosmetics that can only be purchased at FamilyMart. FamilyMart is the only place where you can easily purchase high-quality cosmetics at affordable prices ranging from 495 to 2,000 yen, such as authentic organic cosmetics "Mitea ORGANIC" and "sopo", which debuted as a brand in November 2020.

FamilyMart offers a concierge service and many other services that will delight visitors to Japan!

FamilyMart Multi-Copy Machine

The services that will certainly please foreign travelers are not to be missed. For example, a "multi-copy machine" is a convenient machine that supports payment for various services and ticket purchases. You can use the call center that supports multiple languages, and you can easily use it by tapping the screen and following the instructions.

Also, in popular tourist areas such as Asakusa, Ueno, and Ginza in Tokyo, as well as stores in Kyoto, Osaka, and Fukuoka, there are also duty-free corners for foreigners and even spots where you can purchase cheap prepaid SIM cards.
*May not be available at some stores.


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