Applications Closed:【Kimono】A 90-minute experience of beautiful Japanese culture【Free Online Event】

Applications Closed

The kimono is one of the symbols of Japanese culture. Many people would like to wear a kimono when they travel to Japan and stroll the streets.

When you hear the word "kimono," you probably think of the colourful furisode (振袖:long-sleeved kimono). However, do you know that there are various types of kimono, not only furisode, and that you need to wear the right type of kimono depending on the occasion?

The more you know about kimonos, the more you will be fascinated by them.

In February 2023, FUN! JAPAN will host an online event featuring a kimono expert!

The event is recommended for those who are interested in kimono culture and have daily conversational level Japanese language skills.

The guests will not speak one-sidedly, but will ask questions to the participants and receive questions from them, so you can use the event as an opportunity to test your own Japanese language skills.

And the event is FREE! All you need is 5,000 FUN! JAPAN points, and if you don't have any, don't worry, you can get 5,000 points just by registering with FUN! JAPAN.

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This online event will be held jointly by FUN! JAPAN and Yamato, a kimono specialty store established in 1917. With over 100 years of history, Yamato is well known for its willingness to create not only traditional kimonos, but also innovative kimonos in collaboration with popular manga artists and popular apparel brands.


The venue for the online event is "THE YARD", a beautiful kimono store in Shibuya, Tokyo, operated by Yamato. Ms. Miwako Hagihara, a kimono advisor with extensive knowledge of kimono, will be the guest speaker, communicating with participants in simple Japanese.


Usually, the knowledge you gain from online kimono lessons is mainly about how to wear a kimono. However, our online kimono event is a little different from other kimono lessons.

By participating in our online kimono event, you will learn about the cultural aspects of kimono that you may not get from other online lessons, such as the types of kimono, trivia about the kimono, and Japanese words derived from the kimono.

The 90 minute event will include the following topics:.

  • Furisode, Houmongi, Momen, etc... Types and characteristics of kimono, suitable occasions to wear each kimono
  • How to wear kimono? Items necessary for wearing kimono
  • Manners and What not to do when wearing kimono
  • Trivia about Kimono
    What is "Kamon" embroidered on a kimono?
    Let's learn names and meanings of colors in Japanese through kimono
    How many do you know? Japanese words derived from Kimono
  • Q&A


The event will be conducted using simple Japanese and there will be no simultaneous interpretation. We recommend that people whose Japanese level is above daily conversation level participate. If you are not very confident in "speaking" Japanese, just listening is fine!

FUN! JAPAN staff who understand English will be present at the event and will provide support as needed.


Participants will receive a 10% discount coupon for use at after the event! The online store sells not only kimonos but also many beautiful accessories such as hair ornaments.


Date and Time:

Friday, February 17
19:30 - 21:00 Malaysia time (20:30 - 22:00 Japan time)

Participation fee:Free

  • 5,000 FUN! JAPAN points are required to participate in the event. Please make sure you have at least 5,000 points before applying.
  • You can check your points by clicking here. (You will be asked to log in.) 

LOCATION: Online (Microsoft Teams)

Max. number of participants:10


  1. Click on the "REGISTER NOW" button above. (You need to log in to FUN! JAPAN) 
  2. Fill out the required information and submit the form. Upon submission, 5,000 points will be deducted from your points. 
  3. Once you have completed your registration, you will receive your registration confirmation with a link to the online event by email within 5 business days (*)
  4. On the day of the event, please access the link and join the event!

*The event will be open to the first 10 guests, on a first come, first served basis. If we receive more applications than we can accommodate, we may not be able to accept some participants. If participation is declined, you will be notified by e-mail and will receive 5,000 points back.


  • This event is not a Japanese conversation class. Guest speaker and FUN! JAPAN staff are not certified to teach Japanese. Therefore, this event is not intended to teach Japanese. Please use this event as an opportunity for those who are studying Japanese to test their Japanese language skills.
  • If you wish to cancel your participation, please be sure to contact the event organizer via e-mail: [email protected]
  • Please confirm in advance that you can use Microsoft Teams.
  • You are responsible for procuring the necessary equipment and the payment of any charges necessary to access and/or use any Events or Content (where applicable). Euromoney is not responsible for the reliability or continued availability or speed or quality of the telephone or internet lines and/or equipment that you use to access and/or use any Event or Content.
  • We are not liable or responsible for any delay, disruption or disturbance in the operation of the internet or problems caused by your internet service provider or for any telecommunications failures which are beyond our control.
  • If a participant makes comments or acts in a manner offensive to public order and morals during the event, we may take measures to forcibly eject the participant from the event.
  • Please refrain from selling or transferring the right to participate in the event to a third party. 
  • Please understand that during the event, guest speaker of FUN! JAPAN staff may not be able to answer some questions from participants.The content of what guest speaker and FUN! JAPAN staff will discuss at the event is their personal views and opinions. We make no warranties of any kind regarding the information provided.
  • We will not request any personal information at this event other than the information provided by you in advance (e-mail address and name).
  • By attending the Event you acknowledge that photographs and filming may take place at the Event.

For inquiries about the event, please contact[email protected]

This campaign is now finished.