Simple Survey # 3 --Simple survey on cross-border e-commerce --You will get 100 FJ pts after answering the questionnaire!

Simple survey on cross-border e-commerce

Which of the following would you like to buy most through cross-border e-commerce?

Answer a simple questionnaire and get 100 FJ points!

It is a short survey with only one question about cross-border e-commerce, and takes only a few minutes.

■■What is "FUN! JAPAN Rewards / Simple Survey"?■■

This is a quick survey that we get to know more about you:)
This is one of the way that you get and save FP (FUN! JAPAN Point) to apply campaigns that we are about to have.
So if you wanna join the campaign, take this survey and save the points!

You can do the same questionnaire only once, please take other questions if you save more FPs.
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■■What FUN! JAPAN Point (FP) is?■■

  • What is FP?