Make Delicious & Perfect Rice Every Day! Top 5 Japanese Brand Rice Cookers!

  • Jan 29, 2022
  • Bé Vi

A rice cooker is a product that we're sure is in most homes, it makes making rice extremely simple and super easy! When choosing one, we're sure everyone wants to pick one that's high quality and will last a long time. Japanese products are garnering more and more attention for their reliability and product quality worldwide, and in this article, we're going to be introducing 5 of the most popular and recent brands of Japanese rice cookers!

1. Panasonic: Steam & Variable Pressure IH Rice Cooker SR-VSX1

This Panasonic rice cooker can make both new rice and dried rice more delicious than ever before, with the phone app evolving more and more as time goes on creating even more delicious rice, the Steam & Variable Pressure IH Electrical Rice Cooker SR-VSX1 Series began its sales on June 1, 2021.

The product uses a setting that makes use of the device's high-heat IH, variable pressure, and high-temperature steam features to automatically control the cooking process producing perfect fluffy white rice. For most typical rice, storing it at room temperature for approximately 2 weeks causes it to dry out and lose its freshness, however, this product allows rice that has dried out to be restored to its former glory. There's also the "Reheat" feature which will change the temperature of the steam, getting rid of any unnecessary moisture to ensure the rice isn't soggy, with dried rice being heated to be fresher than ever before.

After cooking the rice, the device keeps the rice at a good temperature and allows you to select options for freezer or refrigerator storage. The product adjusts the needs of the individual using it, with its highly regarded "Steam Heat" feature constantly evolving to preserve the flavor and freshness of the rice over long periods of time. The "Freeze" and "Reheat" function is one that hasn't been seen before on rice cookers helping people who wish to make large batches of rice in a single session to freeze.

Product Information

  • Product Name: Steam & Variable Pressure IH Rice Cooker SR-VSX1
  • Product Code: SR-VSX101/SR-VSX181
  • Capacity(White Rice):0.09~1.0 L/0.18~1.8 L
  • MSRP: N/A
  • Monthly Availability:5,500 Units

2. Toshiba: "Flame & Artisan Boil" Vacuum Bottle Rice Cooker - 6 Types

There are many new brands coming to the rice cooker market, each making their own distinctions and improvements to the industry. In more recent years, rice cookers that change the way they actually cook the rice to meet the needs of the individual have been seen more and more.

Product Series Characteristics

  • RC-VXR Series: These 7 brands use "brand distinction" to adjust to various needs. Each device works in its own unique way to ensure the user gets the best rice that they prefer.
  • RC-VSR Series: This series cooks the rice at a world-class level using 1420W of heat, with a "Honkamado" course that boils the rice to your perfect level allowing you to shorten the overall cooking time.
  • RC-VRR Series: This series cooks the rice at a world-class level using 1420W of heat, with a "Honkamado" course that boils the rice to your perfect level allowing you to shorten the overall cooking time. It gets rid of the steaming set (case and cap) and instead ensures the lid doesn't have much unevenness preventing grime and dirt as well as making it much easier to clean with the inner lid and pot being able to be separated giving you an easy way to eat delicious rice every single day.

Product Information

  • Product Name / Maximum Capacity:
    • Vacuum Pressure IH Rice Cooker:
      • RC-10VXR: 1.0 L
      • RC-18VXR: 1.8 L
      • RC-10VSR: 1.0 L
      • RC-18VSR: 1.8 L
    • Vacuum IH:
      • RC-10VRR: 1.0 L
      • RC-18VRR: 1.8 L
  • Color: Black, White

3. Hitachi: IH Rice Cooker - Fukkura Gozen

From an anonymous survey, the most important things people thought about when purchasing a rice cooker was that "it cooks delicious rice", "Is easy to use", and has "easy maintenance", this is the product that has been created with all of those things in mind. It's been made to allow people to enjoy restaurant-quality rice and meals in their own home, with extremely easy maintenance to ensure cleaning isn't a hassle.

Product Characteristics

  1. The "Single Grain" mode boils each individual grain to perfection. It creates rice with a firm texture and a sweetness that explodes in your mouth with each bite. It has a top pressure of 1.3 Pb and a top temperature via steaming of 107 degrees celsius.
  2. With multiple courses to choose from to suit your personal needs, there's even one that's specially made to enjoy the techniques of Kyoto's long-standing Hachidaime Gihe-e restaurant "Gokujo Sushimeshi" course.
  3. Hardly any steam comes out during the cooking process, meaning it's easy to place and store even if something is above the device!

Product Information

  • Product Name:IH Rice Cooker - Fukkura Gozen
  • Product Code / Color:
    • RZ-W100DM: Frost Black
    • RZ-W100DM: Pearl White, Metalic Red
  • Capacity:1.0L

4. Mitsubishi: Honsumikama KAMADO(IoT Model)

This is the latest IH Rice Cooker model from Mitsubishi that allows you to cook and eat rice using charcoal, the Honsumikama KAMADO(IoT Model) which was released on May 21, 2021.

Product Characteristics

  1. Through the use of IoT functionality, you're able to connect your rice cooker to the internet. Then, using the application via your phone, you're able to use your voice to tell your rice cooker how to and when to cook rice, even adjusting the settings all through the app as well as receiving notifications when your rice has finished cooking. You can even use the family sharing option to share this information with your whole family! 
  2. Through the use of the "Branded Houjun-taki" setting, you're able to choose from 50 different brands and 9 types of ways to cook your rice. Furthermore, you're able to update these settings through the app, meaning you can add even more ways to cook your rice in the future.
  3. With the "Okonomi Meijin" setting you're able to make a setting specifically tailored to the way you like your rice. By answering a set of questions via the app on your smartphone, the next time you make rice the cooker will automatically select the best settings that are tailored to you. This means you won't need to make any small adjustments to the water levels etc.

Product Information

  • Product Name:Honsumikama KAMADO NJ-AWBX10
  • Price:143,000円(Tax Inc.)
  • Sale Date:2021/05/21

5. Tiger: Pressure IH Rice Cooker "Fukitate" Goawabitaki

This rice cooker uses a special heat storage coating on its metal pot to ensure high heat during cooking. It has also been designed with foaming in mind, expanding the lower portion of the pot to create a more extensive area of bubbles that softly coats the rice during cooking, a method known as "Goawabitaki" in Japanese. Furthermore, with its high-pressure cleaning course, you're able to completely cleanse and clean the interior of the rice cooker with minimal effort.

Product Characteristics

  1. To create a highly absorbent and thermally conductive pot, over 9 coatings have been placed on the metal pot ensuring the pot is always kept at high heat during cooking. 
  2. There is also an option called "Tasho Umabitaki" which is used to perfectly boil small portions of rice. This method was cultivated from earthenware high-pressure IH rice cookers, allowing you to bring out all the sweetness in even smaller portions of rice.
  3. Through placing water into the rice cooker in the pot, you can clean and cleanse the interior using high pressure in a short amount of time for minimal hassle when cleaning.

Product Information

  • Product Name:Pressure IH Rice Cooker "Fukitate" Goawabitaki
  • Product Code / Color:
    • JPI-G100: Mineral Black, Ecru White
    • JPI-G180: Mineral Black
  • Sale Date: 21/6/2021


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