To show thanks to our ever-growing FUN! JAPAN Select Shop customers, we have prepared an all-new Tanabata Campaign.

During the campaign period, any customer who makes a purchase totalling more than 20,000 JPY will receive an amazing gift completely free of charge! The showpiece of this campaign is a Japan-made Cherry Blossom Spoon! There are 2 types; a cute and colorful pink gold, and well as a sleek silver stainless steel. Not only this, but we’ve also included a random charm for your purse or wallet, which one you get is all down to luck! Make sure to check out all of the details below about the Tanabata Campaign, it’s a chance you can’t afford to miss! 

FUN! JAPAN Select Shop七夕キャンペーン
(Photo for illustrative purposes only)

For customers who spend more than 20,000 JPY on a single order, they will receive a Cherry Blossom Spoon on a first-come first-serve basis. The cherry-blossom-shaped spoon is so cute! For the first 10 people that take part in this campaign, we’ll send a set of both colors of spoon! For the next 10 people after that, we’ll send a silver stainless steel spoon.

Furthermore, every single customer who cleared the aforementioned requirements will receive a lucky charm for their purse or wallet. Many of our FUN! JAPAN editorial team had comments such as “They’re so cute!” and “I want one as well!” when we were preparing these items, so we’re sure they’ll be a big hit!

FUN! JAPAN Select Shop七夕キャンペーン
(Photo for illustrative purposes only / Illustrations are random and cannot be chosen)

Campaign Period

  • 07/02/2021 (Fri) - 07/011/2021 (Sun) until 23:59 JST

Campaign Prerequisite

  • Spend more than 20,000 JPY in a single order at FUN! JAPAN Select Shop during the campaign period mentioned above.

Campaign Items

  • A. Cherry Blossom Spoon (Pink Gold) + Transparent Case
  • B. Cherry Blossom Spoon (Silver Stainless Steel) + Transparent Case
  • C. Wallet/Purse “Gold Foil Crystal” Lucky Charm (Made in Japan) ※Chosen at random from multiple types
  • Customers 1-10 who spend over 20,000 JPY → Set of 1x A. Cherry Blossom Spoon (Pink Gold) + B. Cherry Blossom Spoon (Silver)
  • Customers 11-20 who spend over 20,000 JPY → 1x B. Cherry Blossom Spoon (Silver)
  • All Customers who spend over 20,000 JPY during the campaign period → C. 1x Wallet/Purse Lucky Charm ※Chosen at random from multiple types

Item Shipment

  • The contents of the campaign items will not be announced before being shipped.
  • Questions regarding the outline of the contents will not be answered prior to shipment.
  • Campaign-related items will be shipped alongside your order on a first-come first-serve basis during the middle of August after the campaign has ended.
  • Items will be delivered to the address given at the time of purchase. Changes to this address cannot be made after the purchase has been made.
  • In the event that the items cannot be delivered to the address given by the customer, the additional items will be voided.
  • In the event that you have yet to receive your items during September without being contacted by FUN! JAPAN Select Shop, please contact us at the address below.
  • The contact window will be open until the end of October 2021. Requests after this date will not be handled.

Additional Cautions & Information

  • This campaign will be able to coincide and be used with other campaigns on FUN! JAPAN Select Shop. However, the price calculations will take the amount after discounts and other such coupons have been applied to your order.
  • 1 prize will be sent per 1 order.
  • It is possible to make multiple orders during the campaign period.
  • While the items for the Tanabata Campaign have already been secured, there is limited stock. In the event that we run out of stock, the campaign may end prematurely without warning.
  • This campaign may end prematurely without warning.
  • Contact us :

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*This service is only available to people living in Singapore