Privacy Policy - Use of Personal Information

Acquisition of Personal Information

Fun Japan Communications Co., Ltd, (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) can acquire information, through the use of offered services, in the following situations.

• When you register to our service.

Full Name

Email Address

• When you make a purchase through the service

Credit Card Information

Delivery Address

Phone Number

Any other information that was provided by the Users through forms on the service platform.

Purpose of collecting Personal Information

The Company will refer to and use the personal information of its users under the following circumstances.

  • The sending, refunding, or any other activity with relation to the Company’s products including but not limited to management and customer support.
  • When offering services other than those listed above

Sharing Personal Information

1. Personal Information provide to sellers

The Company will share the following information with the seller upon the purchase of a product.

Full Name

Email Address

Delivery Address

Phone Number

The usage of this information will be for the reasons as follows:

• For reasons relating to but not limited to product delivery, contacting with regards to the product or any other customer support related activity.

2. Personal Information provided to Third Party Service Providers

Relic Co., Ltd, (Service System Management, Seller Support, Customer Support)

TRiCERA Co., Ltd,(Delivery Support)

Stripe(Credit Card Payments)

NTT docomo, inc.


Please contact us from here if you have any inquiries with regards to the laws and regulations in relation to the use and collecting of personal information. For information about the use and collecting of personal information by the seller, please contact them directly.


The Company reserves the right to change all or part of these policies. In the case that the change is significant, a notice will be put up on the homepage for this service.

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