Rice used in nirigi sushi and temaki handrolls are basically the same. The rice used has a touch of sweet and sourness to it. If you have the ingredients, it’s actually quite easy to make. Let’s learn what is in sushi rice and how it’s made.

What type of rice is used for sushi?

Japan has a variety of different types of rice, such as Koshihikari, Akitakomachi, Hitomebore, Sasanishiki. But which kind is best suited for making sushi? It is said that in order to fully enjoy the taste of the fish being used, it is recommended to use rice that doesn’t have its own strong taste. Since the rice will have sushi vinegar mixed in, it’s better to not use rice that is too sticky (however, the rice will still need to be sticky, as non-sticky rice will not work for sushi). Rice with a light taste and with a sticky but smooth texture is most fitting for sushi. Sasanishiki rice fits this description and is commonly used for sushi.

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Making Sushi Rice

Have you ever seen a chef prepare sushi rice? A batch of freshly cooked rice will be cooled with a paper uchiwa fan, sushi vinegar sprinkled on, and finally mixed thoroughly so the flavor is spread evenly. What is sushi vinegar made of? The base uses rice vinegar, combined with sugar and salt.

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Once the Sushi Rice is done, make a variety of different sushi!

The final step is to add fish or other toppings on the sushi rice, dip it in soy sauce, and enjoy the sushi taste! Challenge yourself at making nigiri sushi or temaki hand rolls, or even try making donburi style sushi bowls!

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