The Introduction of Ten Grain Miso Seasoning Powder Type

This is 10 different kinds of Japanese assorted grains that make up a ten grain miso seasoning which has been dried, creating a delicious furikake. It's perfect for things such as fried vegetables, Chinese-style fried rice​, boiled vegetables and much more. If you mix it with some mayonnaise, you can create a stylish dipping sauce, or maybe mix it with some pasta that's been cooked with olive oil to create a miso-flavoured pasta dish. There are so many ways to use this convenient product!

The Product Information of Ten Grain Miso Seasoning Powder Type

  • Prefecture of Origin / Seller: Saga
  • Manufacturer: Maruhide Shoyu Co., Ltd.
  • Ingredients: Ten Grain Miso (Soybean (Non-GM) , Barley, Salt (Goto Salt) , Nonglutinous Rice, Black Rice, Red Rice, Mung Bean, Millet, Green Rice, Adlay, Sawa Millet) , Dextrin
  • Size / Capacity: 60g
  • Weight (Contents inc.): 100g

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