The Introduction of Kikorobaum Gift KIKO-50

Maiking multiple connections between people like the annual rings of trees would be beautiful. Tha's what this gift would like to tell.

The Product Information of Kikorobaum Gift KIKO-50


  • Baumkuchen (using 100% fresh cream from Hokkaido) (14.3φ x 5cm, 300g) x 1

  • Cookies (chocolate chips x 3 and almonds x 2)
  • Minibaum (vanilla x 3, chocolate x 2)
  • Caramelized Baum (Vanilla x 3 ・ Strawberry x 2)
  • Drip coffee 8g x 5 (two layers)
  • * Allergens: eggs, milk ingredients, wheat, soybeans, almonds
  • * In a wooden box
  • Made by kikorobaum
  • Made in Japan

Presented by: Shaddy Co.,Ltd.

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