You can read while lying in bed without hurting your neck or shoulders! "jzyss creation Co., Ltd. HONTO"【1225-08】

Made in Japan jzyss creation reading pillow HONTO

If you want to lie down and read a book, but your shoulders and neck hurt and you can't do it for a long time, we would like to recommend the "reading pillow HONTO" used in bed. A special pillow designed for reading while lying sideways, so you won't get tired even if you read for a long time. It is a finished product that has undergone trial and error over and over again. In this article, we will dig deeper into its charm! We will also thoroughly report on the particularity to the materials!


  1. Just put it on the pillow you are using now to make up for the height that is insufficient for lying sideways and reduce the distortion of the body
  2. Customize the height to your liking by putting in and out the stuffing inside the pillow
  3. Using triple-gauze from Aichi prefecture and cotton pile from Gifu prefecture

Use it on top of the pillow you are using now! You can customize the height to your liking!

Made in Japan jzyss creation reading pillow HONTO

Made in Japan jzyss creation reading pillow HONTO

"Reading Pillow HONTO", which was introduced on Japanese TV and has recently become a hot topic on SNS. A unique pillow for those who want to read while sleeping. There are 5 points. The first is the usage is simply to stack it on the pillow you are using now. Normally, if you keep the sideways posture for a long time, the height of the pillow will be insufficient, the cervical spine line from the spine to the neck and the back of the head will be distorted, which will put a strain on the neck, shoulders and cause stiffness. However, by using HONTO on a pillow, you can make up for the lack of height and your neck, shoulders, and ears will not hurt. The second is that you can adjust the height yourself. You can take out the filling inside from the height adjustment opening, adjust the height and volume of the pillow, and customize it for yourself.

Made in Japan jzyss creation reading pillow HONTO

Made in Japan jzyss creation reading pillow HONTO

The third is that it is made based on ergonomic design. We emphasize that "the human face and head are not cubic, but curved and tilted", and the pillows are slightly tilted so that they fit the head comfortably. Fourth, in order to solve the problem that the ears are crushed and hurt when lying down, the central part is recessed in the shape of the ear to create an escape place for the ear. Lastly, both the front and back sides are designed in exactly the same way, so it's nice to be able to use it either to the right or to the left. If you want to change the direction, you can turn it over.

Made in Japan jzyss creation reading pillow HONTO

There are four colors: Dandelion, Leaf, Diamond, and Library. The tote bag type wrapping is also very cute. You can wash the cover too!

Craftsmen carefully make each one at a workshop in Okayama prefecture

Made in Japan jzyss creation reading pillow HONTO

The "HONTO" introduced this time is manufactured and sold by "jzyss creation" in Akaiwa City, Okayama Prefecture. A manufacturer that has manufactured more than 1.2 million pillows in total, each one is carefully handmade by skilled staff. After packing connton stuffing with a special machine, manually adjusting the bias, making the shape uniform, carefully inspecting the product, and then packing it with a special bookmark that describes how to use it… we make them wholeheartedly. It is a gem that makes you feel that "we want you to use comfortable pillows because you spend one third of the day in bed." Recommended for those who want to be picky with pillow, as they said, it may be just a pillow, but it is THE pillow.

Using triple-gauze from Aichi prefecture and cotton pile from Gifu prefecture

Made in Japan jzyss creation reading pillow HONTO

Made in Japan jzyss creation reading pillow HONTO

The material used is triple-gauze, a specialty of the Mikawa region of Aichi prefecture. Since ancient times, the Mikawa region has been cultivating cotton and has prospered as a production center for cotton fabrics. After all, the triple-woven gauze has a fluffy feel! By changing the driving density of the warp threads (tateito: threads that become vertical threads when weaving the woven fabric) and weft threads (yokoito: threads that pass in the lateral threads of the woven fabric) in the first layer, the second layer, etc. The more you use it, the softer it becomes and the more it fits into your skin. The cotton pile fabric on the surface is from the Seino region of Gifu prefecture. The Seino region is a region where pure water flows, and the production of woolen fabrics and knit fabrics has been active for a long time. It feels smooth and fluffy on the skin and absorbs sweat well.

Product Information

Made in Japan jzyss creation reading pillow HONTO
  • Size: Approximately W34 x L35 x H11-13 (cm)
  • Material:
    • Inner pillow: Side material 100% polyester, stuffing 100% polyester
    • Cover: Triple-gauze (100% cotton)
  • Made in Japan
  • Made by jzyss creation Co., Ltd.

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