Made in Japan business card holder Kyoto MIYAKEHIDEYOSHI

If you are looking for a business card holder that has a good design and eye-catching, we recommend the business card holder "HIDEYOSHI" from "Kyoto MIYAKE". It is a stylish and innovative design that applies the technique of making Kyo-ningyo (Kyoto doll) armor, which is known as a traditional craft of Kyoto, and is often introduced in the Japanese media. It is also a recommended gem for employment celebrations.


  1. Applying Kyo-ningyo armor making technique known as a traditional craft of Kyoto
  2. All processes are handmade by traditional craftsmen one by one
  3. Excellent storage capacity and functionality as well as design

Accented with 3 metal plates! Excellent storage capacity and functionality as well as design

Made in Japan business card holder Kyoto MIYAKEHIDEYOSHI
Made in Japan business card holder Kyoto MIYAKEHIDEYOSHI

Made in Japan business card holder Kyoto MIYAKEHIDEYOSHI

A business card holder that utilizes armor manufacturing technology. Three metal plates are designed on the top of the business card holder for an accent. There are many processes involved, such as drilling holes in the leather to attach the metal plate, knitting the plate with braids, sewing the leather, etc., all of which are done by craftsman’s hand wholeheartedly.

In addition to the design, it also has excellent storage capacity and functionality. There are folds on the side, and the thickness changes depending on the number of business cards, so even if the number of business cards increases, there is no worry that "forcibly pushing in and make the shape collapse". There are also two pockets that can store not only business cards but also other cards. The logo mark is casually engraved in the center of the interior.

Made in Japan business card holder Kyoto MIYAKEHIDEYOSHI

There are three variations: red, black, and red ichimatsu. It is said that the name was taken from "HIDEYOSHI", the name of TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi, who became a country-ruling man from the low status of serving Nobunaga Oda as a farmer of Owari during the Warring States period. We hope that your network of people will expand in the business scene and that you will be able to succeed in work life. Please use it as a gift such as celebration for getting a job as well.

Utilizing the traditional crafts of "Kyo-ningyo" and armor making techniques

Made in Japan business card holder Kyoto MIYAKEHIDEYOSHI

Kyoto MIYAKE sells samurai bags (kacchu bag) and accessories with the desire “to convey the wonderful charm of Japanese traditional culture and crafts to many people around the world”. It is a traditional craftsman of Kyo-ningyo. In 2007, we started making familiar items such as bags by utilizing the techniques of making the traditional craft "Kyo-ningyo" and the technique of making armor. After that, in 2013, we announced the "Samurai Armor Bag" in Paris, France, and became a talk of the town. Since then, we have been active worldwide, such as exhibiting at exhibitions around the world. It is also introduced in the Japanese media.

A modern and stylish design that makes the most of tradition

Made in Japan business card holder Kyoto MIYAKEHIDEYOSHI

Kacchu (armor and helmet) is the armor that one wore to protect oneself from the enemy during the Warring States period. It is made sturdy by connecting plate-shaped parts such that there are no gaps. And this technology is used for May dolls in armor to be displayed on May 5th (Children’s Day) for boys in Japan, and the manufacturing method is now applied to bag making. The plate-shaped parts used for the bag are made of light aluminum parts and combined with leather and canvas to create a stylish design that can be seen at a glance while making the most of tradition.

Product Information

  • Size: width 11 cm, height 7.5 cm, gusset 1.5 cm
  • Weight: Approximately 70g
  • Material:
    • Outer surface: cowhide / aluminum plate / rayon braid
    • Inner surface: cotton
  • Made in Japan
  • Made by Kyoto MIYAKE
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