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A wallet is one of the fashion items that is indispensable for managing money in daily life and when going out. Among the various types and designs that can be enjoyed according to individuality, leather wallets that are made from natural materials and that become softer and more finely grained pattern the more you use them are especially attracting attention from fashionable people all over Japan.

"What is a good leather wallet?" "What is the difference from other wallets?" In response to your question, a FUN! JAPAN Editor, who lives in Japan and learns Japanese traditions and culture every day, will be introducing the charm of a certain Japanese leather wallet for you.

My encounter with "No, No, Yes" leather wallet

My encounter with

My encounter with

The trigger was an introduction from a Japanese friend who is sensitive to fashion trends. When I consulted with her about looking for a wallet that could be used for a long time, she advised that "If you want to use good things for a long time, you should use a leather wallet from "No, No, Yes"." When I looked it up, there were many products with artistic and fashionable designs, and I was impressed by the playful mechanism that was not found anywhere else! The unique soft texture and innovative design will make you feel good when you use it every day ♪

The three charms of "No, No, Yes" leather wallet

Now, let's talk in more detail about the appeal of "No, No, Yes" leather wallets from Japan.

1. "Individuality" that you can enjoy the more you use it

Leather is a natural material and has a natural texture such as scratches and bruises. Some products are processed so that those scratches disappear, but "No, No, Yes" makes the most of the natural texture of leather and gives you a taste of "natural beauty". It's just fun to see things change day by day, just like humans, and look cool with deep colors!

2. Impressive design incorporating beautiful Japanese culture

When I first saw the introductory photos and videos of how to open the wallet, I felt a strange sensation. It has a unique design, and when I looked it up, it seemed to have motifs such as "Fukusa" which is used to wrap Japanese wedding celebrations and "Origata" which is used to fold the paper that wraps gifts. I was surprised and impressed to be able to express the beautiful Japanese culture that has been around for a long time, "compassion for the receiver by wrapping items so that they do not get dirty".

3. Comfortable texture and moderate fashionability, can be used in various situations

It is a wallet whose main purpose is to store cash and cards to be paid when shopping, but since it will be exposed to the eyes of the onlookers at the time of accounting, it becomes one of the items that carry fashionable sense in Japan. The “No, No, Yes” leather wallet not only enhances the fashionability of the person who owns it, but also considers an easy-to-use mechanism for functionality as well. The excellent design that does not make people around you feel uncomfortable while insisting on people's hobbies and individuality is perfect as a gift.

In particular, the high quality of leather wallets made in Japan is a gift of the efforts of Japanese craftsmen, and the commitment to materials, processing, and sewing techniques creates reliable quality.


If you have a fashionable wallet, you may be lucky and even save more and more money ^^

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