Made in Japan Maki-e Zuiun earring Urushi Art Hariya

"Maki-e" is a traditional craft unique to Japan. A typical technique of lacquer art is to draw a pattern on the surface of a vessel with lacquer using a fine brush, and before the lacquer hardens, sprinkle gold powder from above to decorate it. This time, we will introduce pendants and pierced earrings that utilize the technique of "Maki-e" sold by "Urushi Art Hariya".


  1. The motif is Zuiun cloud, which appears as a precursor to congratulations.
  2. Manufactured in Yamanaka lacquer ware, a production center of nationally designated traditional crafts
  3. The authentic quality guaranteed by the 450 years history of lacquer ware production area and 200 years history of Maki-e lacquer ware.

A gem that conveys the warmth unique to handicrafts

Made in Japan Maki-e Zuiun earring Urushi Art Hariya

Made in Japan Maki-e Zuiun earring Urushi Art Hariya

Introducing this time is the pierced earrings with the motif of Zuiun from the "Bisai" series of accessories that utilize the technique of "Maki-e". Clouds that appear as a precursor to congratulations are called Zuiun (iridescent clouds). The fluffy clouds that you will never see the same shape twice. There is an ephemeral beauty brought about by nature that appears and disappears without sound.

Drawing on a pearl oyster requires delicate craftsmanship, and the warmth unique to handicrafts is transmitted. Both are small, but when worn, they shine elegantly and make the area around the face gorgeous.

Handmade one by one by craftsmen who have been involved in lacquer art for a long time

"Urushi Art Hariya" was established in 1981 as a Maki-e lacquer work studio at Yamanaka Onsen in Ishikawa Prefecture. We are making pioneering efforts such as making accessories from Maki-e lacquer work and Maki-e lacquer work for new materials, because we want people to feel closer to Japan's unique Maki-e lacquer work. Five craftsmen who have been involved in lacquer art for a long time are handmade one by one to make the world's highest level Maki-e lacquer accessories.

"Bisai" series in which motifs are drawn by hand using lacquer and gold powder on small golden-lip pearl osyter’s shells

Made in Japan Maki-e Zuiun earring Urushi Art Hariya

Made in Japan Maki-e Zuiun earring Urushi Art Hariya

"Bisai", the brand of "Urushi Art Hariya", was born in 2015. In Japanese, "Bisai" (微細) means extremely small and trivial things. The products of the "Bisai" series are hand-drawn one by one using lacquer and gold powder on a small golden-lip pearl oyster’s shell with the size of less than 1 cm. Gorgeous and beautiful lacquer, graceful gold glitter, shiny pearl oyster’s shells ... It wraps the wearer in an elegant atmosphere.

Each product is handmade, so each one has a slightly different look, and each one is the one and the only in the world. There is a charm not found in ready-made products made at the factory. When shipping, it will be delivered in a special gift box with a light pink sleeve and a logo mark stamped with gold foil. Recommended as a gift for loved ones.

Product Information

Japan Series -Zuin- Pierced earrings

  • Size: (Zuiun) Length 6.7mm x Width 10.2mm x Thickness 1mm
  • Weight: 1g
  • Material:
    • Top: Gold-lip pearl oyster’s shell, lacquer, gold powder
    • Metal fittings: Stud (K18), hook part (K18)
  • Made in Japan
  • Made by Urushi Art Hariya

*Timing and amount of production lots may vary by product. Final product may differ partially in design from what is shown.

*Since all products are handmade, products may vary and have some differences from what is shown. All products are made new and are unused, but please understand before placing an order.

* Delays to shipping times may occur depending on the order status, the supply of materials, manufacturing process, etc.

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