Made in Japan plate tableware Mouse Ox Tiger 12 Zodiac

Since ancient times, the Chinese zodiac has been popular as a lucky charm. The zodiac of the year was a talisman of "prosperity of business" and "safety of the family", and the zodiac of the year of birth was a talisman of "no illness nor catastrophe" and "warding off evils". Why don't you own a lucky item of "Medeta Eto" that depicts the "local toys" that are said to have been born from these customs and are now transferred into glass tableware?


  1. One gem you want to have as a lucky charm
  2. Comes in a vanity case, perfect for gifts
  3. High quality of Made in Japan product

12 kinds of designs for all zodiac signs

Made in Japan plate tableware Mouse Ox Tiger 12 Zodiac
Made in Japan plate tableware Mouse Ox Tiger 12

Product Information

  • Size: Maximum diameter 90mm Mouthpiece diameter 90mm Height 18mm
  • Box size: Length 91 mm x Width 91 mm x Height 20 mm
  • Made in Japan
  • Made by Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd.

Presented by: Shaddy Co., Ltd.

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Estimated delivery date

  • From early April 2021

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