Healing "Maneki Neko Feng Shui". Cute & auspicious!【1127-06】

Made in Japan maneki-neko

A colorful and lovely beckoning cat figurine.

Since ancient times, "Maneki Neko" (beckoning cat) has been very familiar in Japan as an auspicious figurine that brings good luck and prosperous business. It is said that a cat raising his right hand invites good luck, and a cat raising his left hand invites people (customers).

Color variations are available in white and gold, which are conscious of work luck and money luck. You can choose the size from large, medium and small, so it's perfect for objects at work or in stores, and it's also recommended to decorate it according to the color of your home interior.


  1. Uses high-quality cloth used for Hina dolls. Warm and luxurious
  2. The form of a cute beckoning cat
  3. The “Only One” figurine hand-finished by a Hina doll making craftsman

Cute and auspicious beckoning cat figurine

Made in Japan maneki-neko

Big eyes, beckoning gestures, Japanese color schemes and patterns. "Maneki Neko Feng Shui" is a cute cat figurine that is hand-finished one by one by a craftsman who makes dolls. By decorating the famous lucky cat "Maneki Neko" in a familiar place, we hope that many people will find happiness. Its cute form is soothing just by looking at it. It also features white and gold colors, which are said to be "feng shui" auspicious.

White is "pure white" "the color of reset"

It is a recommended color when you start something new in your work or business.

Gold is "the color of good monetary luck"

It is said that the color will improve your money-related fortune.

Innovative "Maneki Neko" figurine created by a master doll maker

Made in Japan maneki-neko

Made in Japan maneki-neko
Made in Japan maneki-neko
Made in Japan maneki-neko
Made in Japan maneki-neko
Made in Japan maneki-neko

KAKINUMA Toko is a traditional craftsman who has been making Edo Kimekomi dolls for a long time and has won numerous awards for beautiful and original Hina dolls and festival dolls. He has a good reputation for purchasing carefully selected fabrics and making dolls with delicate expressions that give joy and excitement to the viewer.

To make a beckoning cat work, Swarovski for eyes and power stones for bells are used. The body is made of silk, printed cloth, leather, and other materials that have not been used in traditional doll making to create a new fantasy for the beckoning cat.

Hina doll craftsmen finish each one by hand, and it is a very special figurine. Since it is not a pottery, it is a product that you can enjoy for a long time without worrying about dropping it, cracking it, or damaging it.

The popularity is rising rapidly as a Made in Japan gift!

Made in Japan maneki-neko

Made in Japan maneki-neko
Made in Japan maneki-neko
Made in Japan maneki-neko
Made in Japan maneki-neko
Made in Japan maneki-neko

"Maneki Neko" by KAKINUMA Toko, who has many fans not only in Japan but also overseas. In fact, It is certified under "The Wonder 500", which is a project formed from the Cool Japan policy of Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, to discover "excellent local products that Japan should be proud of, which are not yet known to the world" and widely disseminate them overseas.

Due to its auspicious gift and its lovely cat figurine, its popularity has skyrocketed recently!

Maneki Neko Feng Shui

Product information

  • Size
    • Large: Frontage 8.5 x Depth 7.5 x Height 13 cm
    • Medium: Frontage 8 x Depth 6 x Height 11.5 cm
    • Small: Frontage 6.5 x Depth 5.5 x Height 10 cm
  • Material: Rayon, urethane resin
  • Made in Japan
  • Made by KAKINUMA TOKO - Kakinuma Doll Co., Ltd.

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  • In late March

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