Made in Japan SIWA tablet case bag

"Washi" or Japanese paper is an ancient Japanese paper that has a strong image of traditional crafts. Introducing products using the new material "Naoron" that inherits that technology. The wrinkle feeling found only in Japanese paper is unique, and the design is very simple, so there is no doubt that it will be noticed. This time, we will introduce the "PC Tablet Case Bag" that is convenient for carrying a PC or iPad. The more you use it, the more it changes its expression, so the more you use it, the more you will become attached to it!


  1. Softness that feels the warmth of Japanese paper
  2. Super lightweight with only 120g
  3. Designed by world-renowned industrial designers

Can also be used as an inner case for bags

Made in Japan SIWA tablet case bag
Made in Japan SIWA tablet case bag
Made in Japan SIWA tablet case bag

A special case "PC Tablet Case Bag" to protect your laptop or tablet from scratches and dents when you carry it around. The feature is its lightness. Weighing only 120g, it doesn't feel heavy even if you put a heavy computer or documents in it. Equipped with a storage pocket inside, a thick cushion material is put inside, and a nylon zipper is used so that the contents will not be rubbed by the zipper when putting it in and out.

It can also be used as an inner case to put in a bag. It is the best size for storing MacBookPro 16 inch (357.9 x 245.9 mm) and A4 size (210 x 297 mm) document folders. There are four colors: terracotta, brown, black, and gray.

New material "Naoron" that inherits the technology of Japanese paper

Made in Japan SIWA tablet case bag
Made in Japan SIWA tablet case bag
Made in Japan SIWA tablet case bag

A new material that inherits the technology of Japanese paper from the desire of the Japanese paper maker Ohnao, located in Ichikawadaimon, Yamanashi Prefecture, which has a history of 1000 years, to "get more people to use Japanese paper products", thus we have developed "Naoron". Its features are the following three.

Light! Soft!

When your heard of the word "paper", it's easy to think that it will tear immediately, but the load capacity is 5 to 10 kg, so you don't have to worry about tearing even if you put heavy documents or materials in it.

Supple while being durable as well

It is resistant to water, dries faster than fabric products, and has the property of becoming stronger when it gets wet.

Once wrinkled, it does not recover and becomes wrinkled

On the contrary, the product brand "SIWA" was born in order to make the best use of its characteristics as "texture" and to enjoy using it like leather that "gain more grainy textures" as it is used.

The origin of "SIWA" comes from the word "wrinkles" on paper (shiwa) and the opposite reading of "Japanese paper" (washi). Under the theme of "everyday use," we sell a variety of products under the theme of "genderless and ageless," such as bags and accessory cases that use "Naoron."

Also pay attention to "sewing technology" where the seams are inconspicuous

Designed by FUKASAWA Naoto. An award-winning industrial designer such as the "Isamu Noguchi Award". In addition, the material "Naoron" is excellent not only in functionality but also in sewing technology. The structure is such that the seams are inconspicuous because the craftsmen sew each stitch using a sewing machine.

Made in Japan SIWA tablet case bag
Made in Japan SIWA tablet case bag
Made in Japan SIWA tablet case bag

Product information

  • Size: H295 x W400 x D40 mm
  • Material: Hard Naoron
  • Color: black, brown, gray, terracotta
  • Made in Japan
  • Made by SIWA

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Estimated delivery date

  • In late March

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