REDMOON 彎月型真皮單肩包

If you are looking for a shoulder bag that is not too casual and has an adult atmosphere, "REDMOON" is recommended. REDMOON is a leather fashion brand that continues to innovate by breathing new life into the Japanese leather products industry. Professional leather craftsmen make all handmade products sewing each stitch responsibly, using high-quality leather.


  1. A simple design that comes surprisingly well in any fashion
  2. Genuine leather yet soft and friendly-to-the-touch texture
  3. Careful manufacturing process of handmade one by one

The secret of its popularity is its fitness and capacity

There are three features of the shoulder bag introduced this time.

It has a horizontally long form and a curved shape like a bow.

REDMOON 彎月型真皮單肩包

The upper rail part hangs the main body to match the line of the body, so there is a sense of fitness and there is no big burden even if you hold it for a long time.

Rail part where zippers are sewn together

REDMOON 彎月型真皮單肩包

It's made from a solid, hard-to-break, original saddle leather that's very stable when sliding. Also, because the material has a different texture from the glove leather of the main body, the combination will give a luxurious impression!

Large capacity

REDMOON 彎月型真皮單肩包

In addition to small items such as wallets and smartphones, you can also store folding umbrellas, PET bottles, writing utensils, etc. In addition, the inner has "organized pockets" divided into left and right, so small items will not get lost in the bag. The "glove leather" used is thick enough to be used as a bag, but it fits comfortably in the hand and is flexible, so when there are few items to store, it does not swell and does not feel uncomfortable when hanging along your body. In addition, a 38mm Indian concho, which can be said to be the symbol of the brand, is attached to the front center of the main body for an accent.

Pushed up the leather wallet that was a supporting role into the leading role. Bringing new life to the leather industry and continuing to innovate

REDMOON 彎月型真皮單肩包

The brand "REDMOON" was launched in 1993 by the founder, GOTO Keiichiro, with a vow to create "really good things, things that remain in the world, and things that are useful to third parties." Based on the concept of "evolving basics", the brand started selling leather wallets, which had been a supporting role in fashion until now, under the name "leather wallet". Putting it in jeans’ hip pocket and positioned it as a fashion item as a "wallet for show". The leather material is the original leather of domestic Nume leather. The brand advocated "a change (aging process) that becomes more familiar and color fades as you use it" as the appeal of small leather goods. Based on the philosophy of "new, interesting, and REDMOON-like," we have continued to innovate by creating numerous hit products and breathing new life into the leather products industry.

Uses cowhide produced in Japan. Enjoy "aging" that feels better to the touch the more you use it

REDMOON 彎月型真皮單肩包
(The image is borrowed from the official website)

All the leather accessories sold are handmade by young craftsmen wholeheartedly. What should be noted is the commitment to leather. Using domestically produced original glove leather (cowhide with specific softness for making gloves), the touch is soft, but the texture is a little sticky, expressing the leatheriness. The matte texture of glove leather increases its luster as it is used, so one of the attractive points is to enjoy the aging process of the leather. The more you use it, the better it feels to your touch. In addition, all the products have original designs, and the metal decorative buttons "Concho" with Native American motifs are also handmade.

Product Information

  • Size: W 32cm x H 14cm x D 11cm
  • Material: Glove leather (cowhide), saddle leather (cowhide: original leather)
  • Color: Black, Dark Brown, Tan
  • Made in Japan
  • Made by REDMOON

*This product is a on demand product. Regardless of whether the funding goal is reached, the product will be delivered. If the funding goal is reached, all those who have purchased the product will receive a 1000-yen coupon that can be used from their next purchase.

*Timing and amount of production lots may vary by product. Final product may differ partially in design from what is shown.

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Estimated delivery date

  • From early March

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