Made in Japan rock glass

A unique set of glasses born of a combination of the west’s traditional crystal glass and Japan’s traditional facets.

This glass takes one of Japan’s most well known mountains, Mt. Fuji, and combines it with the Crane which has been loved and recognized in Japan as a symbol of luck from long ago. Through the art of gravure carving, these 2 images of Mt. Fuji and the large wing-spanned crane are able to be delicately carved into the glass with great detail. The crystal glass’ transparency beautifully brings attention to the sake’s refined color. Created by master artisans using carefully selected materials, they have a refined design and hold a high level of transparency, with their most characteristic feature being their tone and shine. These Japanese-made glasses, with their Japanese design, can be used in your home, but are also perfect as a gift for friends or family.


  1. The Crane & Mt. Fuji. Japan’s Traditional Lucky Charm Depicted on a Whiskey Glass
  2. Cranes and Mt. Fuji engraved on clear glass elegantly
  3. A brand that holds over 86 years of trustworthy history.
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The Crane & Mt. Fuji. Japan’s Traditional Lucky Charm Depicted on a Rocks Glass

These sake glasses made from crystal glass have been cut to perfection. This method of cutting the glass creates an end product that displays the beauty of the crystal glass, and is recognized as the main processing technology in the field. KAGAMI’s cut glass, which boasts a high refractive index, allows for a design that displays its deep, precise cuts as well as a pure and refined tone loved across Japan. Whiskey Glass "Crane & Mt. Fuji" depicts Japan’s long-loved crane as well as one of its most well known symbols Mt. Fuji on a rocks glass. The crane has long been known to be a lucky omen that “brings long life” meaning this gift can encompass all that the Japanese crane stands for when giving it to a loved one. Also, Mt. Fuji, one of Japan’s most well known locations and the tallest mountain in Japan has been drawn beautifully in the background behind the crane. It comes in a beautiful wooden box perfect for gifts or as storage.

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KAGAMI - The First High Grade Crystal Maker in Japan with 86 Years of History

It would not be an overstatement to say that the level of technical prowess that has been fostered since KAGAMI was founded completely envelops “Japanese tradition and innovation.” With their amazing attention to detail and expressiveness. They have even made products for the Imperial Household Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the prime minister's official residence and the embassies of many different countries around the world.

Both a crane with expanded wings and the beautiful Mt. Fuji is depicted on this rocks glass using gravure carving which is also used on Bohemian glass. This method of precise and delicate cuts is something the craftsmen and women at KAGAMI have developed over years and years.

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"FEEL JAPAN" with KAGAMI Glasses

After receiving the silver prize in the 1937 International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts, an honorary award at the 1939 New York World's Fair and a prize at the Bureau International des Expositions Grand Prix, their results throughout history speak for themselves towards the quality and craftsmanship put into these products. These crystal products, created by artisans that are a master of their craft, have even been recognized by Japan’s Imperial Household Agency and loved by many.

“Putting our heart into every KAGAMI product that we deliver to our customers. By KAGAMI”

Product Information

  • Size:Radius 80mm x Height 87mm / 270cc
  • Contents:1 Cup
  • Material:Crystal Glass
  • Other:Wooden Box
  • Made in Japan
  • Made by KAGAMI CRYSTAL Co., Ltd.
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