Many popular products such as fashion, interior, daily life products, and food are on sale at the online site for Japanese products "FUN! JAPAN Select shop". Recommended for those who like Japan and those who are looking for Made in Japan products. We will deliver carefully selected items that will make your life enjoyable and comfortable.

New Products: Make your food even more delicious! Carefully selected recommended food products and seasonings from each prefecture

Japanese food is known to be "healthy" and "good for health", and such, Japanese food is booming overseas. Recommended for those who like Japanese food and those who miss Japanese food! We provide food products and seasonings carefully selected from each prefecture. Soy sauce which are indispensable for Japanese food, Arita mandarin oranges, and sugar containing dried blueberries. Furikake which is toppings for dishes, ramen and udon soup stock are also on sale. Not only can you buy it separately, but you can also buy it as an assorted set of food products and seasonings. The sweets and seasonings made with their own unique techniques and carefully selected Japanese ingredients give Japanese flavors even at home, making the dishes even more delicious.

Please visit our shop from the following. We are slowly but surely gathering more and more unique Japanese tableware and general goods.


For those who like Japan, FUN! JAPAN buyers selected the products Made in Japan & Delivered from Japan to you. Every product is packed with Japan's perfectly handled details, unique traditional background, and unbeatable skills. May you find your favorite Japanese thing.

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The FUN! JAPAN buyers are meticulously choosing new, interesting, and unique products that they know you will enjoy every single week. Check the site now and see what's on offer!

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