Personality of Scorpios and Their Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

Personality of Scorpios and Their Compatibility with Other Signs

Are you reserved? Perhaps vindictive? We'll take a look at the background of Scorpios, born between October 23 and November 21, their unique traits, and their compatibility with other signs.

The Background of Scorpios (Horoscopes)

Personality of Scorpios and Their Compatibility with Other Signs

In Greek mythology, it is said the constellation Scorpius was sent to the heavens in the shape of a scorpion to discipline the boisterous and arrogant Orion. Orion was felled by the scorpion's deadly poison and was allowed to reside amongst the stars with Orion as a reward for its deed.

Characteristics of Scorpios

Characteristics of Scorpios

Scorpios tend to be very quiet and reserved in front of others, but are passionate and open with those close to them.

Reserved but Resolute

Scorpios are quiet and reserved. Due to this, they won't make a racket even with friends and tend to be in the background most of the time. However, they are very passionate on the inside and have a strong sense of purpose. Due to this, they are quite resilient and hold up well in times of difficulty. They won't show it on the outside, but they have a passionate fire burning within them, and refuse to compromise when it comes to their ideals. They are also mysterious and can be hard to read.

The Promise Keeper

Scorpios see something through to the end until they see fit. They have no intention of giving up until they're satisfied. They have a strong tendency toward paranoid behavior. Due to this, once they've started something, they refuse to give up on it, no matter the obstacles that may stand in their way. One might say they are the most capable among all the signs. This is why they'll always follow through on a promise they've made.

An Affinity for the Mysterious

Many Scorpios are draw to science fiction, the occult, and strange religious organizations. Should they end up on the wrong path, they could end up completely removing themselves from normal society, so they should be cautious. Also, since they have a tendency to not rely on or trust others, they are quite hard to make friends with. However, once you become friends with a Scorpio, you're sure to be friends for life.

Compatibility of Scorpios with Other Signs

Compatibility of Scorpios with Other Signs

Scorpios belong to the water group, and are compatible with the earth constellations below.

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