Horror & Mystery: Air Purifier Beats Ghost?


Story from submission to Gomadango Strange Tales’ Channel

I just experienced a strange happening recently. Would you like to hear about it?

It was around 2AM. I was about to go to sleep, so I lay down on my bed, turned off the light, and suddenly the sleep paralysis happened. I sometimes got sleep paralysis before, so I just thought, “again?” and nothing more. But this time, in the corner of my eyes, I saw something like a white smoke in front of the windows in my room. Since I couldn’t move my head, I kept watching it from the corner of my eyes and thought “what is that?”, and it kept getting closer slowly.

When it was close enough to make out what that thing was, I could see that it was a long-haired woman in a white sleeveless one-piece. The face was so dark I couldn’t see clearly, but both arms were dangling about and it was moving closer and closer.

I got quite used to sleep paralysis, but seeing a ghost? This was my first time. My heart pumped faster and I thought in my head “Don’t come any closer!”.

Sleep well with Air Purifier in your room

When I went to sleep, I always turned on the air purifier, and the air purifier was right in the middle between the bed and the windows. When the ghost moved to around 1 meter away from the air purifier. I thought “Oh no, don’t come any closer!” and tried to close my eyes but I couldn’t. When it comes to this situation, you would think closing your eyes and not looking would be easier, but like magic, when you looked at it once, your eyes are glued opened and you simply cannot close them.

Then, when the ghost came right in front of the air purifier, something unbelievable happened. That ghost got sucked into the air purifier from the legs up… At the same time, my sleep paralysis was gone.

What to make of this… perhaps a ghost is like smoke or mist? This air purifier is a machine that sucks the air from the front and releases minus ion air from the top. So, I opened the windows and turned the top part of the air purifier outside, just in case the “ghostly” air came out of it so it would go outside, then went to sleep. After that, the ghost never appeared again, but one thing for sure… it is truly a strange tale.


Not all ghost stories are scary. This story is truly strange, but even ghosts can make humorous mistakes too! Or does the Air Purifier purify evil spirits too? I wonder if that ghost is still stuck in the filter inside the air purifier…

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