How to Wear a Kimono with Jeans

How to Wear a Kimono with Jeans

We've found lots of fashionable people on Instagram who coordinate kimono with jeans. Japanese kimono cannot be matched with jeans in its original state, but it could be fun to buy a cheap second-hand kimono when traveling in Japan, and repurpose it!

Matching with Distressed Jeans

On a Trip, Kimono Add Refinement to Jeans 

The Colors of Kimono and Jeans Match Perfectly!

A Bold Floral Pattern is Not Too Overpowering When Combined with Jeans

Nuanced Color Kimono

The Combination of Yukata-style Kimono and Jeans Just Captures the Mood of Summer in the Sun

If you like these, why don't you stop by a second-hand kimono shop and try some yourself when you visit Japan?


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