Have you heard of a convenient card called GAICA which can be used for online and street shopping in Japan?

Neither credit checks or admission/membership fees are required for application. In addition, a campaign of giving 500 yen worth of rewards has been started. Let’s see how easy to join this campaign!

What exactly is GAICA?

GAICA is a prepaid card that can be used at Visa affiliate stores which support contactless payments without the need for a signature. No admission and membership fees are needed, and it can be easily applied for via the internet. As long as you are living in Japan, you can apply for the card and enjoy a more convenient and secure daily shopping experience.

If you want to know more about GAICA, please read this article>>>No Credit Check! Free Admission & Membership! 3 Reasons for Japanese Residents to Apply For the GAICA Prepaid Card!

How to Get 500 Yen Worth of Rewards?

It is easy to get the 500 yen worth of rewards, read and check the following details and apply for your GAICA prepaid card immediately!

<Application Method


Click the button below to apply for the GAICA prepaid card.
※Please read and confirm the important information such as various fees and credit limit amounts before you click the application button located below.

Details about fees and credit limit amount (English version)>>>https://www.gaica.jp/e/service/specgaica.html
Details about fees and credit limit amount (Japanese version)>>>https://www.gaica.jp/service/specgaica.html

You can find the English application by clicking the button below:
Please note that you need to click the link below for registration to get the rewards.

For the Japanese application form, please click the button below:
Please note that you need to click the link below for registration to get the rewards.



Wow! How simple was that?!

Then, you just need to wait for the 500 yen worth of rewards to be loaded onto your card!

<Cut-off Date>

23:59 (Japan Time) on the 30th of September 2020 (Wednesday)

※People who have completed applications before the deadline stated above are eligible to join this campaign. 
※Completed Applications means completing the stage of uploading required documents.
※In the case that applications have not been completed under any circumstances, or applications have been completed but the cards have not been issued, they are considered as ineligible to receive the rewards from this campaign.


500 Yen worth of rewards will be loaded onto the card.

※Rewards will be loaded within 3 months after application. 
※The contents of the rewards is subject to change without further notice.