Sanrio Expo 2020 - The Newest Sanrio Character Goods Couldn't Be Any Cuter!

Sanrio Expo is an exhibition that showcases and announces Sanrio's latest goods and information. It was held for 7 days from the 3rd of February 2020. In this article we will report what we have seen at the expo.

Sanrio Characters' Welcome

Upon entering the venue, many familiar Sanrio characters in cheerleader uniforms welcomed us. The design theme of the venue this year is "nakayoku stadium - let's liven up the world together", so the Sanrio characters are cheering for the world!

The 7 Transformations of Hello Kitty

※Photos were taken during press conference session of Sanrio Expo 2020

As the "face" of Sanrio, Hello Kitty will appear in various collaborations. In the expo, collaborations with Shinkalion, Chibi Maruko-chan, Kamen Rider Decade and others were announced.

Besides this, the Hollywood movie of Hello Kitty is also under progress!

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45th Anniversary of My Melody & Little Twin Stars

This year, popular Sanrio characters My Melody and Little Twin Stars celebrate their 45th anniversary. There is a special area dedicated for them which displays new design and goods to commemorate their anniversary. Also, Kuromi who debuted in Onegai My Melody anime series also celebrates her 15th anniversary.

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Pompompurin, Cinnamoroll and Other Top-Ranking Sanrio Characters' Appearance

The goods in Cinnamoroll area will heal your soul! 

The lively Pompompurin and collaboration goods with NMB48 were exhibited.

There were also exhibitions of nostalgic characters which have seen a resurgence of popularity including Pochacco, Tuxedosam, Keroppi, Badtz-Maru, Hangyodon, and Pekkle. The 6 of them formed a band called Hapidanbui.

In the Gudetama ramen-themed area, collaboration products with Nissin Foods were exhibited.

FUN! Japan Staffs' Recommended Items!

In the heat-prevention series, many portable fans planned for release were displayed. Among them there are ice-cream shaped designs which are both practical and adorable during summer.

There were also goods of Sanrio's Enjoy Idol Series for idol fans to cheer on their favourite idols. There were goods such as case for uchiwa (handheld fans), tote bags, and acrylic stand holder. Now you can enjoy cheering on your idol while having goods of your favourite Sanrio character!

Among numerous Hello Kitty goods, there were also cup noodles. They are so adorable but look delicious at the same time too!

What do you think about the cuteness overflow of Sanrio Expo 2020? Who are your favourite Sanrio characters? What kind of goods do you like? Please do tell us by leaving a comment!

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