Striving for Success in Life and Athletics as a Lifetime Athletes – WMG2021 KANSAI (Part 1)

「WORLD MASTERS GAMES (WMG) 2021 KANSAI」 is an international multi-sport event which generally allows anyone above the age of 30 to participate. In the athletics category, 5 events are included: Track and Field, 10km Road Race, Racewalking, Half Marathon, and Ekiden which originated in Japan. This article is part one of two articles covering athletics events of WMG2021, which we will introduce the event venues which are Kyoto City of Kyoto Prefecture (track and field) and Hikone City of Shiga Prefecture (10km road race), and the things we recommend to experience at these places especially for WMG2021 participants and supporters!

Welcome to the world of sencha! Savour the tea and WMG moments

When mentioning Kyoto, Japanese tea is the first thing that comes to mind. Sencha, the most commonly found Japanese tea, has a particular bitter taste (specifically, an astringent taste) when it first enters the mouth, followed by an after taste with cooling sensation. This is just like preparing for a competition. The bitter taste in the beginning is like the tough practice sessions. Only after enduring hard practice, you can reap the results of your effort which is like the cool sensation and deliciousness of the aftertaste. No matter win or lose, you will feel refreshed after the competition because you already did your best.

Besides, track and field is a competition against time. In fact, sencha’s taste differs with brewing time. Join a sencha tea ceremony in Kyoto, where you learn the way of sencha and experience the race against time in the world of tea!

※Senchado (sencha tea ceremony) experience usually requires reservation. You can reserve online at some places. 

Kyoto cuisine is incomplete without tofu. Recharge your power with protein to prepare for the competition! 

In addition to sencha, tofu is also a famous Kyoto product. Tofu making has a history of over 1000 years in Kyoto, so the process incorporated the climate and culture of Kyoto and the skill to achieve the perfect combination of soybean, water, time has been passed down over many generations until today. This traditional and healthy food is an important part of Kyoto’s food culture. The protein which is abundant in tofu is an important nutrient especially for athletes, so it’s the ideal food to eat after sports. Rejuvenate your body after vigorous exercise with Kyoto’s tofu cuisine such as Yuba or Yutofu! 

Relive history at one of the oldest castles preserved

Towering in Hikone City of Shiga Prefecture is the Hikone Castle, one of the very few castles in Japan with its main keep still intact. While most of the castles built during the feudal era are demolished under the order issued in 1873, Hikone castle was exempted from the fate. Thus, it retained its appearance from few hundred years ago as a protected national treasure.

Climb to the top of the castle as you aim for the top in WMG! The scenery you see from the top is definitely different from the usual view. Similarly, you might gain a new perspective when you complete the challenge and unlock achievements in WMG2021. On a side note, you can enjoy the castle from a different angle by riding on a boat, so check it out too! 

Get more stamina charge from Omi Beef!

Japanese beef known as wagyu is famous throughout the world, but among the wagyu brands, Omi beef from Shiga Prefecture has a long history of about 400 years and is one of the top 3 wagyu brands in Japan. The high grade beef’s marbling and sweet aroma will make you smack your lips involuntarily. Enjoying Omi Beef at its place of origin also has the merit of being served at its freshest, allowing you to savour the best flavour of the already delicious meat. You can enjoy Omi Beef barbecue with friends and family, or new international acquaintances you meet at WMG2021! 

WMG2021 is a chance to network with people from all around the world

“Belum cuba, belum tahu.” WMG2021 KANSAI is a great opportunity for sport lovers to compete on an international stage while exploring new experiences unique to the Kansai region. Join other lifetime sports athletes in this once-in-a-lifetime event while making memories and feel the history and food culture of Kyoto and Hikone for yourself! 

In the next article, we will introduce the other athletic events and their venues which are Ekiden (Tanabe, Wakayama), racewalking (Kobe, Hyogo), and half marathon (Kamitonda, Wakayama). Stay tuned!

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