[VIDEO] The Vibrant, Dynamic Experience from Australian Masters Games(AMG) Adelaide 2019

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Australian Masters Games(AMG) Adelaide 2019 just ended up in a massive success at Adelaide, Australia, 5th – 12th October 2019 with participation of sport lovers from all over the world and fantastic togetherness of audiences and backers. The event itself is a good role model for WORLD 「WORLD MASTERS GAMES (WMG) 2021 KANSAI」 that it is not just a multi-sport competition but a platform for international exchange across the borders of ages (*) and nations. In this report, we are going to look at its competition, ceremony, and exchange, which are the three common key elements between AMG and WMG as a reference for those participating in the coming WMG 2021 KANSAI.

(*) Basically, games are open for the age of 30 or above, subject to changes in different games.

You will Find What You Like! A Wide-Range of Games

Badminton, football, athletics, bowling…over 40 games in AMG Adelaide has just attracted sport lovers from different corners of the world. Similarly, WMG2021 KANSAI is going to have 35 sports and 59 games; it is definitely an exhaustive event including familiar and life-long games for everyone. Now, let’s take a look at badminton and bowling, which is going to appear in WMG 2021 KANSAI again.

(*) List of games in WMG 2021 KANSAI👉

Badminton, the popular sport in many Asian countries. There are fierce competitions in which players demonstrated their hardship in their daily practice. The smashes and lively, sharp actions have taken everyone by storm.

The bowling game was held at a bowling centre in Adelaide. It was very much impressive to see players tried their very best but still, had fun with one another.

Serious matches with no second take. Still, before and after the games are full of laughter and lovely chats among the players- they took pictures together, shook hands, did high-five. They visualised what sport spirits are like, and true communication were there through the games.

Both AMG and WMG are unique as sport players can do their familiar sports in an extraordinary setting- sports are becoming a form of communication and exchange with many other international players- so, what about experiencing these at the upcoming WMG2021 KANSAI? 

Like a Global Communication Party- the Ceremonies of AMG

Coming to ceremonies, AMG Adalaide 2019 has had an opening, a closing, and some others. The photo is taken at the opening ceremony. Placards were used to gather players of the game so they could talk with others in common topics. It was an opportinity for them to encounter new friends and learn their favourite games be like in other countries, also for them to meet up with old friends. Everyone mixed well with each other especially in the singing and dancing sessions It was an exceedingly great start of the event.

WMG2021 KANSAI is going to have its opening ansd closing ceremonies as well. It would be great if sport lovers could get together to feel and participate the joyful communcations.

Encounters at AMG; reunion at WMG!

A couple came to visit our WMG2021 KANSAI promtional stall- the men plays baseball, and the lady is a softball player, and they shared many interesting stories with eccounters and friendships all over the world stemmed from the game. One of their friend, Mr. Kobayashi helped in interviewing previous WMG participants indeed (*)! The couple said with a big smile on their face that they are looking forward to meet with Kobayashi-san again soon in WMG201 KANSAI.

Encounters, exchange, and communication based on sport, these are common elements in both AMG and WMG. Would you love to join and find yours?

(*) Here for the article prepared from Kobayashi-san’s interview 👉

Bring Up Exchanges, Happiness, and Encounters Again in WMG 2021 KANSAI

A promotion booth for WMG2021 KANSAI was there in AMG Adelaide 2019, at where messages about the upcoming event has been passed to players and audience. WMG 2021 KANSAI is happening in two years, while a huge number of concrete and individual questions has already been collected, such as how to tour around effectively during the game, and questions about accommodation locations from couples taking place in two different games respectively.     

WMG2021 KANSAI is going to be held in KANSAI, Japan from 14th May (Fri) – 30th (Sun) 2021. Detailed information about the event will be released in the official website of WMG2021 KANSAI in late November 2019. And, application will start in February 2020. FUN! JAPAN is going to sequentially release information about the game as well! Do not miss it, and let’s extend our support and actively participate in the game!

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