Koyasan, or Mt. Koya, is a temple complex which was founded by Kukai (Japanese Buddhist monk) about 1,200 years ago, that is full of things to see, such as the main headquarters of the Koyasan Shingon sect of Buddhism, Kongobuji Temple, and the Konbondaito Pagodas, the symbol of Koyasan. The "Koyasan-World Heritage Ticket" sold by Nankai Electric Railway is useful for sightseeing around Koyasan. There are also discounts on admission fees and souvenirs, so you can save money, too!

What is the Koyasan-World Heritage Ticket?

Use Koyasan-World Heritage Ticket to Travel Around Koyasan!

The Koyasan-World Heritage Ticket is a set that includes a discount round-trip ticket from a departure station along the Nankai Railway to Koyasan station, a discount round-trip cable car ticket, and a Nankai Rinkan buses line free-use ticket for 2 days, which runs around inside the Koyasan area (excluding the Tateri Line, Koya Ryujin Line, Koya Niutsuhime Line). 

In addition, there is a 20% discount for admission to Kongobuji Temple, Kondo (Golden Hall), Konpon Daito Pagoda, Reihokan Museum, as well as a 10% souvenir discount ticket for use at Juzuya Shirobe, Nakamoto Meigyokudo, Koya-chaya Wakyu. The discounts are valid for 2 days, and the ticket price varies depending on the departure station, but if you choose to go from Namba Station, you can save 820 yen!

Where to Buy Koyasan-World Heritage Ticket?

The ticket is available for purchase at Namba (2F Service Center / 3F Limited Express ticket sales office), Shin Imamiya, Tengachaya, Sumiyoshi Taisha, Sakai, Hagoromo, IzumiotsuKishiwada, Kaizuka, Izumisano, Ozaki, Misakikoen, Wakayama Daigakumae, Wakayamashi, Rinku-Town, Kansai-Airport, Sumiyoshi-Higashi, Sakai-Higashi, Mikunigaoka, Nakamozu, Hatsushiba, Kitanoda, Kongo, Kawachinagano, Rinkanden-entoshi, and Hashimoto Stations on the Nankai Railway.

Recommended Route for Using the Koyasan-World Heritage Ticket

An Example Course for Visiting Koyasan with the Koyasan-World Heritage Ticket

Start from Koyasan Station. Take the bus to Okunoin, the largest sanctuary at Koyasan, where Kukai (Kobo Daishi) lays in his eternal rest. The 2 kilometers approach from Ichinobashi to the temple is lined with about 200,000 tombstones and offerings, which is one of the popular things to see. The graveyard is large, so you will want to leave about an hour to see it. Next, take a bus to Kongobuji Temple. 

Highlights include the main temple hall, the painted doors, and the largest rock garden in Japan. After that, on foot, you will head to Danjo Garan, Konpon Daito, Reihokan Museum which houses many national treasures, and finally the Kondo (Golden Hall). Then take a bus back to Koyasan Station.

Any station along the Nankai Railway

1: Koyasan Station

About 18 minutes by bus from Koyasan Station, get off at "Okunoin-mae" (free ride if you present your Koyasan World Heritage Ticket!)

2: Okunoin

About 6 minutes by bus from "Okunoin", get off at "Senjuin-bashi" (free ride if you present your Koyasan World Heritage Ticket!)

Get discounts on souvenirs at Nakamoto Meigyokudo and Juzuya Shirobei near the bus stop!

3: Kongobuji Temple (20% discount on entrance if you present your Koyasan-World Heritage Ticket!)

About 5 minutes on foot

4: Danjo Garan (Temple) Complex

About 5 minutes on foot

5: Koyasan Reihokan Museum / 6: Konpon Daito / 7: Kondo (Golden Hall) (20% discount on entrance if you present your Koyasan World Heritage Ticket!)

About 15 minutes by bus, get off at Koyasan Station (free ride if you present your Koyasan World Heritage Ticket!)

Get discounts on souvenirs at Koya Tea Shop WAKYU near the bus stop!

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