Hello everyone, this is Aoshiso! We are going to look at hostess clubs in Japan again, by popular demand. In this article we will cover payment at clubs. If you are confused whether to pay by credit card or cash, here is some guidance to help you.

How Much Do We Spend at Hostess Clubs?

On your first “free” visit, the hostess club initially charges you 3,000 – 5,000 yen (roughly US$28 - US$46), which sounds reasonable. Yet your final bill may turn out to be more like 20,000 to 30,000 yen after adding up all nomination and time extension fees. It is advisable to clearly tell the staff or the hostesses; “I am just spending 10,000 yen tonight! Let me know if it reaches 10,000 yen” or “I am just staying for 1 set-time period tonight” if budget is a concern for you.

Should I Pay by Credit Card or Cash at a Hostess Club?

Credit cards are undoubtedly very convenient when traveling overseas. Nowadays, people tend to carry much less cash when going out, don't they? So let’s see whether it is normal to pay by credit card or cash at hostess clubs.

Cash is King at Hostess Clubs

Paying by cash is the most common method in hostess clubs and credit cards are seldom used except when the customer really runs out of cash because of the high administration fee charged on credit card transactions. It is also interesting to know that staff at these establishments get paid in cash as well. Some of them get paid every day or every week, in a very flexible manner.

Leaving Tracks on the Credit Card Bill?

There may be some people who worry about leaving a record on their credit card bill of where and how they have been spending money, right? Relax! The only thing that will appear on your bill will be the name of the contracted charging agent instead of that of the hostess club. There will be no record of night entertainment.

Prepare Cash If You Plan on Visiting Hostess Clubs!

As you have probably gathered from the above, you need cash when visiting a hostess club! Only use a credit card only if you do not have enough cash. And, be mindful of your budget and do not to spend more than you can afford.

Night clubs are full of temptations, both good and bad. Having fun is good, but addiction is bad. Play hard, but remember to come back to the real world in time. Thanks for reading until the end.

※ Reminder to foreign tourists visiting Japan: FUN! JAPAN does not endorse visiting any clubs or bars, so do so at your own risk.