Did you know that there are all sorts of products released in Japan themed after one of Japan's most popular anime - "One Piece?" Of the many things that have been produced, what caught the eyes of Fun Japan was the One Piece fishing tools!

These unique collaborative items have been produced by fishing gear manufacturer "Try-Angle" with their character themed fishing brand line called "Try-Angle Characters," partnered along with the very popular character goods company "COSPA." 

With a title like One Piece that is set in the ocean, you can only expect serious designs with these fishing tools that we're about to introduce!

One Piece Fishing Tool #1 - "The One Piece Spincast Reel (Straw Hat Crew/Luffy)"

"Spincasts" are a beginner friendly and fairly easy to use type of reel - and now there are One Piece themed designs! There are 2 models, a black model with the pirate flag logo with the label "Straw Hat Crew"  and the green colored "Big Catch" design that includes a logo with Luffy fishing away!

Item Information

  • Name: One Piece Spincast Reel(Mugiwara Clan-Straw Hat Crew/Luffy)
  • Color: Black (Mugiwara Clan/Straw Hat Crew)/ Green (Luffy)
  • Price: 7800 yen (tax not included)
  • Sales Agency: COSPA/ Planning and Sales: TRYALL (Try-Angle Characters)

One Piece Fishing Tool #2 - "One Piece Full Color Enchanted Spoon 004"

Highly detailed illustrations of One Piece characters are printed on these metallic lures. By attaching a hook you can go catch some fish with it, or attach a strap to it to turn it into a pretty neat looking accessory (fishing hooks are sold separately).

Item Information

  • Name:  One Piece Full Color Enchanted Spoon 004
  • Illustrations: Luffy/Zoro/Nami/Sanji/Chopper (5 Types, packaged randomly)
  • Price: 649 yen each (Tax not included)
  • Sales Agency: COSPA/ Planning and Sales: TRYALL (Try-Angle Characters)

One Piece Fishing Tool #3 - "One Piece/Straw Hat Crew Fishing Cap"

This stylish fishing cap has a little Straw Hat Crew pirate logo embroidered on it, with slits on the sides to fit polarized glasses or sunglasses and keep them in place even if you move your head. It's the perfect hat to wear while fishing or to just wear normally when out and about!

Item Information

  • Name: One Piece/Straw Hat Crew Fishing Cap
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Free/One size fits all
  • Price: 3800 Yen (Tax not included)
  • Sales Agency: COSPA/ Planning and Sales: TRYALL (Try-Angle Characters)

So where can you buy these One Piece Fishing Tools?

Along with the online store, there are several shops in Tokyo that you can find these goods at. They are very popular, so there are possibilities of them being sold out!

  • COSPA Mail Order Website
  • Mugiwara Store Tokyo One Piece Tower Shop
  • GEE!STORE Character Goods Shops
  • Casting Shop in Hachioji
  • Headhunters Fishing Shops

To find out more about these goods visit the official website COSPA,inc (Japanese only)

These would make the perfect presents to buy for your One Piece loving friends when visiting Japan!

(C)Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Fuji TV/Toei Animation