A characteristic of the climate in Japan is the rainy season which occurs a little before summer, known as the “Tsuyu” season. There is also a typhoon season in September and October, it rains quite a lot in Japan, and thus there are a huge number of anti-rain products around. This time, let’s look at five super convenient hot picks.

No. 1-Windscreen Rain Repellent

A strong water-beading spray silicon wax that when you drive at a certain speed (above 40-50 km/h), raindrops bead off meaning you don't need to use your wipers. The photo is “Double Jet Glaco” by Soft 99. It does not need any paint over, it works perfectly good even when sprayed in rain - easy, convenient, and thus, popular.

No. 2- Wiper Blades

Rain repellent products are getting more popular while wiper blades are another helpful tool that received much attention from drivers as well. What you have to do is to install these “blades” to replace the wipers of your car and rain will slide off your windshield. The effect may be less prominent when compared with water repellent but it is a one-off installation and it functions to protect you and your car on rainy days by just the press of the switch. The picture shows “Si-TECH” by PIAA.

No. 3- Water Repellent for Car Seats

When you are soaked in rain water and get into your car, your car seat gets wet! It is very hard to dry it out - here, you may need the water repellent spray. Simply spray it all over your car seats and it will become protected against rainwater, juice or even coffee…anything that may accidentally get spilled. The liquid forms little beads for easy clean up like wiping with a cloth. The photo shows “Cloth barrier” by Soft 99, a one-time spray works perfectly good for three months.

No. 4 AC Deodorant

For many drivers, the smell of the A/C is another problem in rainy season. It usually stems from mold on the internal heat exchange of the A/C. To solve the problem, try to spray deodorant for automobile A/C on the ventilator. It is easy, and soon after your car will smell refreshing. The photo shows “Doctor DEO premium” by Carmate.

No. 5 Umbrella Holder

A solution for your wet umbrellas when you get into your car on rainy days. We all know that the amount of water is usually much more than we expected even we fold the umbrellas well. The carpet sticks when it's wet. Here, you need an umbrella holder. It is practical, but still fashionable as there are many colours and designs to choose from. The photo shows the “JKM Umbrella Case” by Autobacs Seven.

It rains quite a lot during the rainy reason, and the umbrella holder becomes exceedingly convenient. There are a lot of different designs and hot items to choose from.

Rainfall in Asia, not only in Japan, is rather high but which of these Japanese rain repelling products are you interested in the most?