Barbie, Rika-chan dolls, Twisty Petz, and other cute toys for girls found at INTERNATIONAL TOKYO TOY SHOW 2019

Barbie:Originally made in Japan

Barbie has a long history. Many people don’t know this but Barbie was originally tied closely to Japan. Barbie was originally made in Japan, then the production base shifted to Southeast Asia in the 1970s and then to China in the 1980s. Initially, Barbie was produced in Japan because labor costs were lower than in the United States. The textile industry in Japan was also thriving. This meant that the dolls and the costumes could be ordered together very cheaply.

Rika-chan:The Barbie like doll born in Japan

At this exhibition, there was also a Rika-chan doll, wearing traditional Japanese clothing.

There was also a large booth display featuring Rika-chan Conveyer Belt Sushi

Product information

  • Product name:Rika-chan yukata(2020 Special event Limited edition)
  • Price:4,500yen(tax not included)

Twisty Petz:Transform your bracelet into a pet!

In this series there are 70 types of bracelets that can be worn. When they cannot be worn, they can be transformed into pets like cats and unicorns.

Yubiwanko:A puppy that you play with un your hands.

Only 5 cm tall, there are three dog breeds, Chihuahua, Shiba Inu, and Toy Poodle. When you pet them with your finger, they make sounds and their eyes and tongue move. Depending on the situation, there are over 100 patters of responses, so there is always something different and you will never get bored.

Product information

  • Product name:Yubiwanko
  • Price:500yen(tax not included)
  • Target Age: Ages 6 and up

The toy that becomes a finger puppet- Unicorn Cony

A cute unicorn that you can play with as a finger puppet. You could even use it to play with a small child or baby. It is a good toy that can help bond mother and children.

Product information

  • Product name:Unicorn Cony
  • Price:1,280yen(tax not included)
  • Target Age: Ages 6 and up

If you are a girl who enjoys toys, there are many more exciting things to look at. If you are interested, please read the next article. 


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