Anpanman “Omise ya san Gokko” series representative toy. “Irrasshaimase! Anpanman Convenience Store!” Japan Toy Excellence Award

Irrasshaimase! Anpanman Convenience Store

The winner of the 2019 Japan Toy Excellence Award “Welcome! Anpanman Convenience Store”

“Irrasshaimase! Anpanman Convenience Store” comes with the Anpanman Café and Baikinman and Anpanman donuts. The convenience store also has sandwiches and rice balls, just like real convenience stores.

The refrigerated section has both shelves and an ice case. The doors for these items are fully functional and can open and close.

Product information

  • Product name:Welcome! Anpanman Convenience Store
  • Battery:AAA alkaline battery x 2 (sold separately)
  • Continuous Usage Time:Approximately 10 hours
  • Target age:Ages 3 and up
  • Price:5,700 yen(tax not included)

Product information

  • Product name:Irrasshaimase! Anpanman Convenience Store DX
  • Price:9,000 yen(tax not included)
  • Release Date:September 

Anpanman is many Japanese children’s first favorite character. Actually, there are a lot of toys related in the Anpanman series.

Round and Round! Anpanman Water Cruise!

When the handle is spun around, Anpanman and friends go float around the path in boats. This toy doesn’t use batteries so it is safe to use in the bath. Anpanman, Baikinman, and Dokin-chan all have their own cruisers that float in the water. Cause the water to flow by turning the handle round and round.

Product information

  • Product name:Round and round! Anpanman Water Cruise
  • Target age:Ages 3 and up
  • Price:6,980yen (tax not included)

Exciting Takoyaki! Have a party! Talking Hot Plate

There are two types of plates in this toy, the takoyaki plate and the flat plate. You can use the plates to play 2 ways. You can enjoy this toy by yourself or with friends and family! Have a fun party with everyone!

Product information

  • Product name:Exciting Takoyaki! Have a party! Talking Hot Plate
  • Target age:Ages 3 and up
  • Price:5,980yen (tax not included)


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