“WIRED” which was developed by the Japanese watch brand “Seiko Watch” has the quality and functionality of a Seiko watch and can be widely worn in different function, from casual to business. The meaning embedded in “WIRED” is “connection to the world”. It shows the desire to transmit the new value of watches from Tokyo to the whole world. Today, we will introduce the specially selected models from the watch “WIRED”.

日本の時計ブランド「セイコーウオッチ」が展開する「WIRED」 のおすすめ腕時計をご紹介!

Express the color of the sky with beautiful gradation!

  • "WIRED TOKYO SORA" Chronograph
  • AGAT420 25,000 yen (Tax included) (Left)
  • AGAT419 22,000 yen (Tax included) (Middle)
  • AGAT421 22,000 yen (Tax included) (Right) 


A new model was released in October 2018 from “TOKYO SORA” concept series that shine up young people. The unique feature of this model is the dial color of the watch. The colors of the sky of greenish blue, clear blue, and sunset red are expressed with gradation. In addition, the dial has a slender and long index and watch’s hands that shine and creating a stylish impression. The length of the bracelet can be adjusted easily with the tools which come together with the watch, so it is also a recommended item as a gift.

The theme of the colorful sky that makes up Tokyo

  • "WIRED TOKYO SORA" Solar Chronograph
  • AGAD094 28,000 yen (tax excluded) (left)
  • AGAD095 28,000 yen (tax excluded) (right)
東京を彩る空がテーマ 「WIRED TOKYO SORA」ソーラークロノグラフ

The new series, "TOKYO SORA" is a series that appeared newly from "WIRED" in May 2018. With the theme of the sky that makes up Tokyo, it expresses the ever-changing expression and color of the sky. Among all, "solar chronograph" is the model which images the night sky. Both are solar type and use curved glass. It also has a 24-hour display function, a stopwatch function, and a power reserve display function. Since it is waterproof up to 10 atmospheres, it can be used for skin diving without using a cylinder.

Series which is suitable for women to wear it as an accessory

  • "WIRED f" Solar Collection
  • AGED100 23,000 yen (tax excluded) (left)
  • AGED097 23,000 yen (tax excluded) (right)
アクセサリー感覚でも身に着けられる女性向けシリーズ 「WIRED f」ソーラーコレクション

Series "WIRED f" is a series which suitable for women. The first letter “f” of feminine, fashion, and flip are the origin of the name, and it is a watch that can be worn like an accessory regardless of whether the watch is on or off. Among all, “Solar Collection” which is introduced this time has a solar function and does not require battery replacement. Both bezel of the watches are decorated with pink gold color to create femininity.

Exciting design with Swarovski

  • "WIRED f" Analog Quartz
  • AGEK442 15,000 yen (tax excluded) (left)
  • AGEK441 20,000 yen (tax excluded) (right)


This is a battery type quartz type of ladies series “WIRED f”, which both of them were just released in September 2018. Swarovski crystals are equipped to display “1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 4 o'clock, 5 o'clock, 7 o'clock, and 8 o'clock”, and “Ryuzu (a knob for adjusting the time on the right side)”, which has made the design more exciting and feminine. The model on the right photo uses a white butterfly shell on the watch dial and shows a different expression depending on the angle of the light. On the other hand, the model on the left photo uses brown cowhide for the watch band, which has made the white dial more outstanding and has a delicate impression.

Couple Series with Functionalities

  • "WIRED PAIR STYLE" Quartz Collection
  • AGAT414 16,000 yen (tax excluded) (left)
  • AGET406 18,000 yen (tax excluded) (right)

機能性を備えた男女ペアシリーズ 「WIRED PAIR STYLE」クォーツ コレクション

The “WIRED PAIR STYLE” watch series for men and women is based on the concept of “a watch for two people”. Among them, model for man has 24-hour display function and chronograph function, which the model for lady is equipped with date and day display function, and this series is highly recommended for the couple who emphasizes on functionality of watch. The lady’s model (left) is plated with a pink gold color and the crown is equipped with Swarovski (R) crystals.