Ninja Entertainment Show is a new entertainment show that started in autumn of year 2019. If you have planned to travel to Japan in near future, it is highly recommended for you to make a reservation and watch the show. This time, we will introduce 5 highlights of this entertainment show in advance! 

The highlights of Ninja Entertainment Show

  1. Instead of multiple ninja role performed by 1 performer, the show is inspired with the idea of 1 ninja role which performed by multiple professional performers. With the performance of 1 ninja role by few professional performers, the super-humanity of ninja is definitely able to be expressed through the show.
  2. 17 performers are acting as ninja role and perform the action one after another, and their motion is like the ninja is free from gravity.
  3. The world famous ninja will appear during the show. Well, please find it out during the show!
  4. A new sense of AR experience that blend both effects of real performers and virtual performers.
  5. The stage and the audience seats are not clearly separated. Sometimes the stage changes to a seating area and vice versa.

■ Show information

  • To be released to the public in autumn of year 2019