Huh?! Fireworks on the pool?! "MIDTOWN LOVES SUMMER 2019"

Tokyo Midtown is going to hold an event during this summer under the concept of “Japanese Cool Summer”. You will be able to feel coolness with the five senses through the cool evening on the greenery, babbling stream of the river, and the open space which is full of greenery.

"Lives with Water, SUNTORY Light, and Fogginess Digital Garden”, a place where you could sit on the greenery space and feel the coolness

The highlight of the event is "Lives with Water, SUNTORY Light, and Fogginess Digital Garden”. At night, the place is fully covered by mist, and the colorful lights with the image of fireworks and sand-pattern are showering at the scattered stones in the garden. Please take a look by yourself at such a mysterious scene where fireworks are likely to appear on the pool. It is such a beautiful and romantic scene.

■ Event information

  • 【Period】 12th July (Fri) – 25th August (Sun) ※ Might be canceled due to the bad weather
  • 【Time】     Fogging Show 15:00 ~ 23:00 Lighting Show 18:00 ~ 23:00
  • 【Venue】  Shibafu Hiroba
  • 【Admission Fee】 Free


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