When talking about Katsurahama in Kochi Prefecture, many people associate it with the beach. There are many tourist attractions other than the beach, however. This will be an introduction to Katsurahama, as well as recommended spots and accessibility to the area. Please refer to this when thinking of traveling to Katsurahama.

Katsurahama Park

Katsurahama Park is a tourist attraction representing Kochi Prefecture. What is called "Katsurahama Park" includes the beach and the aquarium. You can spend a peaceful, quiet time at the magnificent sandy beaches. There is also a souvenir shop so you can enjoy shopping. Although there are some restricted areas due to last year’s typhoon, the aquarium and souvenir shop are open as usual, so you can go to them without worry. Going at any time is recommended, but going in the evening is especially suggested. The view of the sunset reflected on the sea is highly regarded as being very beautiful.

Spot Information

  • Spot name: Katsurahama Park
  • Street Address: 9 Urado Kochi
  • Access: About 35 minutes by bus bound for Katsurahama from Tosaden Kotsu Bus "Harimaya Bridge"
  • Wi-Fi: Not available
  • Language: No support
  • Ticket: Free
  • Credit cards: Not useable

Katsurahama Aquarium

Katsurahama Aquarium is an aquarium located near the beach of Katsurahama. It is a beloved aquarium founded in April 1931, with a history of about 90 years. Although it is a small aquarium, you can view 7,000 animals of 250 different kinds. There is a show held regularly, and great events such as feeding animals and commemorative photos with penguins are also held. It is located near Katsurahama, so it is recommended to take a visit after taking a walk on the beach.

Spot Information

  • Spot name: Katsurahama Aquarium
  • Street Address: 778 Urado Kochi
  • Access: About 30 minutes by bus to Katsurahama from JR "Kochi Station"
  • Wi-Fi: Not available
  • Language: English map available
  • Ticket: Adults: 1,200 yen, Elementary and Middle School Students: 600 yen
  • Credit cards: Not useable

Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum

The Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum is a memorial that highlights Sakamoto Ryoma from Tosa. There are many displays, such as a replica of the room where Sakamoto Ryoma was assassinated, and the agreements of the Kaientai where he belonged. Since it was renewed last year, you can view even more displays. There is a bronze statue where you can shake hands with Ryoma in front of the entrance, and is a popular photo spot.

Spot Information

  • Spot name: Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum
  • Street Address: 830 Shiroyama Urado Kochi
  • Access: Take a bus to "Ryomakinenkanmae" from JR "Kochi Station", 2-minute walk from there
  • Wi-Fi: Not available
  • Language: Exhibition guide using a tablet available
  • Ticket: Planned display period: 700 yen, Permanent display period: 490 yen
  • Credit cards: Not useable

Accessibility from Kochi Ryoma Airport to JR Kochi Station

It is recommended to use the connecting bus from Kochi Ryoma Airport to JR Kochi Station. You can arrive in about 30 minutes for 720 yen in about 30 minutes.

You can also use a taxi, but be aware that it can be expensive.